The Case for 3-D Gun Parts - This Week on Tom Gresham's Gun Talk

Making the case for the legality of online 3-D gun part schematics, celebrating National Shooting Sports Month, and more, this Sunday on Tom Gresham's Gun Talk®, the original nationally-syndicated talk show about guns and the shooting sports.

CalGuns Foundation’s Gene Hoffman talks with Tom this week about online plans for printing 3-D gun parts as a 1st Amendment fight, and why CalGuns, Firearms Policy Foundation, and other groups published the plans at after Defense Distributed’s site was forced to take down the plans (that have been in the public domain since 2013). Also discussing the legal issues and media misinformation is Washington Free Beacon journalist Stephen Gutowski. Read his take here:

It’s now August, which means it’s National Shooting Sports Month! Tom talks with National Shooting Sports Foundation’s Zach Snow about this month-long event to get shooting sports enthusiasts to the range. Search events, enter the sweepstakes, and find some tips on introducing new shooters to the sport at

Plus, a new giveaway to enter! Liberty Safe is giving away two prizes – A Fatboy Jr. gun safe, and an HDX-350 handgun vault. Entries begin on Friday, August 3rd and ends on Friday, August 31st at

As always, call in to 866-TALK- GUN with your comments, questions, and range reports.

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