Summer Gun Camps – A Real Thing

START SIGNING THEM UP! Summer shooting and outdoor camps develop skills to a whole new level. Who wouldn’t want to go to a camp that teaches 3-Gun or marksmanship? These camps make me wish I was a kid again.

1) NRA Whittington Center Adventure Youth Camp
Under direct supervision of their staff and trained volunteers, campers learn everything from shooting fundamentals to firearm safety, marksmanship, basic wilderness survival skills, and much more. The NRA Whittington Adventure instructors teach fundamentals of pistol, rifle, muzzleloading, and shotgun shooting skills. Staff introduce campers to the fine art of competitive shooting, rifle and pistol silhouette, and bullseye disciplines plus skeet and trap shotgun savvy. During the 2-week stay, campers fire over 1,200 rounds of ammunition! For more information visit:

Camp Whittington
Youth enjoying an afternoon shoot at the Whittington Center Adventure Youth Camp

2) Civilian Marksmanship Program - NRA/CMP National Match Junior Smallbore & Rifle Camp
This camp developed a gold medalist. Olympic gold medalist, Ginny Thrasher, attended the CMP National Match Junior Camp. Designed for junior shooters ages 12 - 20 who have competition experience, CMP teaches Junior 3P or 4P Smallbore Sectional competition, 3P Precision Air Sectional or USA 3P JORC. For more information visit

3) Camp Wildlife
This South Carolina camp offers more than just marksmanship and safety. Based on age and skill level, activities include shooting sports (BB guns, rifles, clays and archery), wildlife ecology, outdoor survival skills, ATV operation and safety, hunter safety and education, canoeing or kayaking, cast netting demos, fishing, boater safety and a whole lot more! Choose from standard, intermediate or advanced camps. For more information visit

Camp Wildlife
Camp Wildlife

4) MGM Junior Camps
Hosted by MGM Targets, a number of nationally recognized instructors attend both the 3-Gun and Pistol Camps. Registration fills up quickly, so sign up early to guarantee a spot. Both camps will be held at the Parma Rod & Gun Club in Parma, Idaho.
3-Gun Camp registration is located at Practiscore Sign Up: MGM 3-Gun Camp. Limited to 30 shooters, 3-Gun camp ensures that smaller groups receive better training. The 2017 MGM Junior 3-Gun Camp will be held on July 16, 17 and 18th.
Pistol Camp registration is located at Practiscore Sign Up: MGM Junior Pistol Camp Application. Pistol camp allows for 60 campers. The 2017 MGM Junior Pistol Camp will be held on July 20, 21 and 22nd.

MGM Junior Camps are a great way to hone skills!
MGM Junior Camps are a great way to hone skills!


For youth, these camps offer a chance to build lifelong skills and friends within the shooting community. But kids aren’t the only ones who benefit from camps - They give parents a chance to rest and perhaps take a vacation, minus the kids. Begin the enrollment process today to give everyone the summer getaway they deserve. ~ KJ

Cover photo courtesy of Waldhans