The Real Tool That Will Save Your Life

Most people would say you need a gun, flashlight and knife when the fight begins. Obviously, I am taking a gun and bullets. I’d prefer a lot of bullets. However, the one intangible I’m toting into a fight is aggression. An aggressive mindset shifts odds and solidifies a position of dominance.

You’ve probably heard the old saying, “It’s not about the size of dog in the fight but the size of the fight in the dog.” Well, that’s where this is going. Without the will to fight and the will to win, you are going to lose. If a bad guy robs youLapin Aggressive or assaults you, chances are he’s doing it by surprise. You’ll be on your heels, your back foot. Having extreme aggression allows you to dictate the terms of the fight after the initial attack.

If you don’t have that aggression, you’ll be 100 percent defensive – all the time. This only allows the bad guy to seize initiative and momentum. Turning the surprise around on the bad guy and interrupting his OODA loop gives a distinct advantage.

Bad guys get the advantage only if you let them. Want to win the fight? Then, you better bring an overly aggressive mindset.


Greg spent eight years as a Louisiana law enforcement officer with the majority of his time in Special Investigation and Narcotics units. He went on to work for Triple Canopy conducting high threat protection for the Department of State in conflict zones. Greg was then recruited for a Department of Defense program in which he also worked in conflict zones while deployed. He has conducted various missions for both government and non-government clients around the globe. Greg has been instructing for several years for certain government clients and is also an avid USPSA competitive shooter.