Tom Gresham’s Gun Talk Radio Recap: March 26, 2017

Aired March 26, 2017

 1) Flying with Firearms? This is for You.

Delta issued a new rule as a result of the Ft. Lauderdale. They will now put a tag on your bag that denotes a firearm is in there. If you fly and carry guns with you this segment is a must
Flying with Guns  – Listen


2) IDPA and Trigger Pulls – Range Report

A range report that finds Tom discussing factory trigger pulls and utilizing IDPA competiton for conceal carry familiarization. Sometimes, using competition will help you become more aware of your surroundings and thought process.
IDPA for Conceal Carry – Listen


3) Special Guest Alan Gotlieb

There are plenty of squirrely things going on in the conceal carry circle. States and even cities throwing their hats in the ring. This is just crazy and there are ridiculous measures being taken to push the anti’s agenda. Listen to special guest Alan Gotlieb discuss these steps these municipalities are implementing.
Special Guest Alan Gotlieb - Listen


4) Second Amendment is Not Just about Guns.

You know, the Second Amendment is not just about guns. Dave Ritter from Knife Rights tackles the issues threatening knife rights. It isn’t just a national level, it is everywhere people.
Knife Rights Matter - Listen


5) Shoot That Defensive Ammo

A caller from Oklahoma had a “yikes” moment when he decided to run his defensive loads through his 1911 .45 ACP. What he found out was that this ammo didn’t run well out of his platform. Do you shoot your carry ammo? If not, you better start.   
Do you shoot your carry ammo – Listen


6) How Young is too Young to Carry?

This segment is about Utah and a change to the conceal carry age. So, how young is too young to conceal carry. Listen here and find out Tom’s thoughts on the subject.
How Young to Carry – Listen


7) Summer Time Carry

In the winter, it is easy to conceal carry. However, when the weather turns warms and clothing gets thinner what do we use? Nathan Engelking from Crossbreed Holsters has a way to help with concealment options for the hot summer months.
Summer Carry – Listen


8) Get Involved in National Reciprocity?

There is no better time than now to push national reciprocity through. One of our callers brings up some ideas on how to get involved. Listen here to find out more on how a simple call can help defend your rights.  
National Reciprocity – Listen


9) First Person Defender Update

Last week, we filmed a portion of season 5 of First Person Defender. It is always interesting to see how people react to the stimulus during these exercises. Hear Tom’s update on how the shoot went here.
FPD Season 5 Update? – Listen


10) The Washington Post Doing Research on the HPA?

That’s right. The Washington Post did some research on the Hearing Protection Act. It was favorable for us gunners. In this segment, Tom discusses the findings. You won’t want to miss this one. Way to go Washington Post.
Washington Post Findings on HPA – Listen


11) Should You Customize Your Carry Gun?

It is difficult to answer some questions from our callers. This is just one of those questions – should you customize your carry gun? Should you change out the trigger, shoot hand loads or modify your carry gun in any way? Tom chats with a caller from Tulsa on this subject.
Customize a Carry Gun – Listen


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