Tom Gresham's Gun Talk Radio Recap: April 9, 2017

Aired April 9, 2017

1) We the People. What don’t you understand?

This segment lines out the 2A and a new way to look at our given rights. Tom dives in to the controversial topic and adds a new way to look at. Give it a listen.  
We the People!  – Listen 10:46


2) Unusual Doctor’s Office Visit –

Can you believe that an American Riflemen would show up in a doctor’s office? Was it a trick or was it just a cool doctor that we all need to visit.  
Gunbaiting – Listen 14:59


3) Gorsuch Approved

By now, you’ve heard Neil Gorsuch was appointed to the Supreme Court. Aside from getting a shakeup in the Oval Office, the entire gun community received a massive ally in the Supreme Court. Listen to hear Tom’s thoughts and why he’s in such a good mood.
Good Guy Gorsuch Approved - Listen 20:51 


4) It’s only a Shower, Dude

Some people just don’t get it. Egos are rarely checked at the door, and folks let their emotions and inanimate objects cloud their better judgement. In this segment, Tom discusses a story out of Washington where a man is charged with murder after shooting a man that was in his home taking a shower. Listen here.  
Just Call the Cops – Listen 22:41


5) Special Guest from Rotary International -  Jane Anne

Rotary International cited a reputation risk with involvement with guns. Our great friend, Jane Ann from Gunsite joins us to talk. Very insightful, since she is also a member of the organization.
– Listen 1:32


6) Guns Sales are Trending Up?

No matter what you may have heard, the gun sales are trending up these days. The NRA reports says the opposite what some of you may have heard. Give this a listen to find out more.
Yes, they’re going up – Listen


7) How Do You Carry?

Carry options always vary, depending on your situation. Gove this segment a listen if you are thinking about transitioning to appendix carry.
Carry Options – Listen


8) What’s on Your Wish List?

We love our callers. They all seem to be looking for something different, and this caller is no different. If you want to hear what he is looking for give a listen here.  
The Wish List – Listen


9) Issues with Sight on a Gun

We’ve all been there. We find the perfect gun for us, but want to tailor the sights to our standards. Then it hits. We have problems finding the right fit. Listen here to find out what the crew, in the after show, says to one of our listeners.
Ever Have Problems with Finding Sights? – Listen


10) A New Ruger Revolver!

Ruger seems like it is putting out a new gun every week. Listen here to find out more on the new offering.
New Ruger Revolver – Listen


11) Adventures in Concealed Carry

If you are new to concealed carry you will want in on this segment. What to do when travelling across the country. Avoid the mishaps.
Adventures in Concealed Carry – Listen


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