Tom Gresham's Gun Talk Radio Recap: April 2, 2017

Aired April 2, 2017

1) Schools These Days…

It is difficult to see kids getting kicked out of school for stupid reasons. This little girl simply picked up a stick and said bang. What’s next? Suppression of mental growth and creativity is continuing. Listen here.   
Schools These Days – Listen


2) Truth Behind the Ads –
Have you ever noticed ads or shows that portray firearms in a negative or careless way? One caller notices something peculiar with an ad, but there may be more to the story.
Perhaps there is More? – Listen


3) Attorney Alan Gura
Here we go again with special guest and Attorney Alan Gura. He continues to help maintain our rights and has argued some of the most important gun cases to date. Listen to this one.
Attorney Alan Gura - Listen


4) Oklahoma Self Defense

If you commit a felony a natural result could be shot and killed. It is just a basic fact. Recently in Oklahoma, three felons broke into a house and were met with a man and an AR-15. Hear how it went down here.  
Oklahoma Self Defense – Listen


5) Special Guest Tommy Thacker of Timney Triggers

Associate yourself with those that make you better. Tommy Thacker is that guy if you like to shoot. He knows his firearms and loves teaching people how to shoot. He also knows a thing or two about three guy. Give it a listen.
Timney Trigger’s Tommy Thacker – Listen


6) Hearing Protection Act – A Doc’s View

We’ve got a doctor on the line who has a take on the HPA. Give it a listen to find out this take from a doctor’s point of view.  
HPA, A Doc’s View – Listen


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