Wins and Losses

I'm writing this on the day the national ban on bump stocks went into effect. As of today, if you have a bump stock, you are in violation of the federal law. Except ... two separate lawsuits have resulted in a stay (stopping enforcement), but only for those who brought the suits. No, it makes no sense. 

There was a last-minute appeal to U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice Roberts, but he turned it down. What now? 

The lawsuits will continue. If you have destroyed your stock, or have turned it into the ATF as required, you are just out of luck, even if the courts eventually invalidate the ban. If you still have your stock(s), you might be able to keep them. However, you currently are committing a felony.Tom Exclusive

Yes. It's ugly.

In other news, today the U.S. Senate is holding a hearing on the latest gun confiscation scheme -- "red flag" laws. You know, the ones where a friend, ex-girlfriend or wife, an enemy, a teacher, a neighbor, or darn near anyone else, can claim that you are unhinged or made a threat. A judge decides on the basis of the claim (you don't get to present a defense), and then men with guns and body armor come to your house and take all your guns.

It's a complete destruction of the idea of due process.

It has been passed in a number of states. It has momentum. It may be that the only way to "kill" it is to insert into the bills a provision requiring due process -- a hearing where the accused can present a defense. Tom

Tom Gresham
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