Is This Time Different?

Many have asked me if the vicious reactions from the gun-ban lobby and people who are swayed by the media are different this time versus after other widely-publicized crimes. The answer is yes, and there's a reason.

At its core, the reaction on the left constitutes seizing opportunity to hurt Donald Trump. They hate President Trump. They hate -- to the point of denial -- the fact that he beat their “Chosen One” in the 2016 election. When they look at it, they realize that gun owners in PA, MI, and WI put Trump over the top -- not just in those states, but into the White House. As a result, they hate gun owners more, now, than ever, and that hatred erupted over the last two weeks.

A friend of mine called today about something else, but he added that he had dropped his NRA membership some Riseyears ago because he was mad at the organization over ... something. Last week, he said, he went online and bought the five-year membership, but only because he couldn't locate the life membership on the web site. I'm hearing similar stories everywhere. The overreach by the gun-ban lobby, with the nasty treatment of NRA Spokesperson Dana Loesch at the CNN "town hall meeting," has a lot of people buying guns and joining the NRA.

The Left likes to paint us as monolithic. Basically, old, white, men. When women and minorities stand up as gun owners, it destroys the narrative. For your consideration, I offer a good read from a black woman who is an NRA member. It's worth it to click on this one. Read Here!

Never let up. Let no lie stand unchallenged. Be calm. Be polite. Be committed. Be informed. Be persistent. We are not the problem. ~ Tom

Tom Gresham
Author, outdoorsman, gun rights activist, and firearms enthusiast for more than five decades, Tom Gresham hosts Tom Gresham's Gun Talk, the first nationally-syndicated radio show about guns and the shooting sports, and is also the producer and co-host of the Guns & Gear, GunVenture and First Person Defender television series.