Who Do You Call After the Shooting? (Sponsored Spotlight)

Several years ago I joined the Armed Citizen's Legal Defense Network. Actually, I signed my wife up, too. No, they were not a sponsor or advertiser at the time. I just knew Marty and Gila Hayes, and I knew how good this service is. Now there are a number of "concealed carry insurance" options, including a brand new one from the biggest gun owner organization. I'm sticking with ACLDN (dang, that's a mouthful so I'll just use the letters). Why? The people running it.

The experts at ACLDN have been there and done that in police and citizen shootings, helping good people defend themselves in court. You get not just money for your defense, but you get expertise on what kind of lawyer to get, help early on in the process (vitally important), and how to represent an innocent person (something many criminal defense attorneys have no experience doing).

To see what can and does happen, and how the post-shooting legal process works, download and read this account (http://bit.ly/2qEBdUK) of the long, expensive, and frightening ordeal of a man who defended himself and his wife from a physical attack as well as a legal attack by a justice system which set out to vilify the whole idea of armed self defense. It's a long read, but you'll never forget it.

I've looked at a lot of the insurance programs out there. I still send checks to Marty and Gila Hayes because they have built a great team who specialize in helping the good guys. I think if you look over their web site, you'll see what I mean. You'll find it at https://armedcitizensnetwork.org/.