Why an over/under shotgun?

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There's a reason you see over/under shotguns in the hands of so many experienced hunters and competitive shooters. Why are these knowledgeable shooters willing to spend more for O/Us than for autos and pumps?

Mostly it's because these shotguns just point so well. People shoot them better. A fine O/U just feels better. It's a pleasure to shoot. So, why do nice over/unders cost more than pumps and autos? Hand work.  Even with modern CNC machines, each shotgun requires a fair amount of hand fitting at the end, as a few gun makers have discovered when they thought their state-of-the-art processes could eliminate this old-world skill. 

Polishing a Blaser O/U
Polishing a Blaser O/U

There's also value in a good O/U. They generally last forever. It's common for a competitive shooter to put hundreds of thousands of rounds through his or her shotgun, and top-level O/Us hold up.

Blaser has been known as a maker of top-grade O/Us for a long time, and the F3 model remains a staple with competitors. Now, Blaser offers the much less expensive F16. It's a no-kidding, Hotel Sierra, beautiful shotgun. Fast lock time, great balance, and it comes in hunting and competition models. We toured the Blaser factory last year, and it's impressive.

Seriously. If you are considering an over/under shotgun, take a good look at the F16.  Even if you aren't, treat yourself to the stunning videos at blaserf16.com.