Suppression Without the Wait

Well, SilencerCo gave the people what they want – a silencer without the wait that’s available for ALL 50 states. The Maxim 50 is an integrally suppressed muzzleloader that doesn’t require a $200 tax stamp. How do they get away with it exactly? Here’s a statement from SilencerCo on the subject.

“The BATFE defines a silencer as a “device for silencing, muffling, or diminishing the report of a portable firearm…” By that definition, a silencer is only a silencer if it can attach to a firearm. For those familiar with muzzleloaders, you’ll SilencerCo Maxim 50know that they are not considered firearms by the BATFE but are instead antique firearms, a definition and difference that is very distinct. Because of this, a moderator permanently affixed to a muzzleloader is not legally defined as a silencer, since it does not attach to a firearm. With this realization, the Maxim 50 was born.”

I was a little anxious to hear if it suppressed the report of the muzzleloader and was pleasantly surprised by the results. Overall the results sound great. Listen here. Way to go SilencerCo for figuring out a way around the red tape. ~ KJ

*Update – Of course there were bound to be some legal hesitation in some states. Stay tuned because this one is going to get interesting. Folks in states like California, Massachusetts and New Jersey are on hold. Official statement from SilencerCo:

Upon launching the Maxim 50, SilencerCo received several immediate legal challenges from authorities and lawyers in the states of New Jersey, California, and Massachusetts. Since we have no desire to place any consumer in a situation where they may get arrested and charged with a felony because their state defines a firearm differently than the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (BATFE), we have placed orders from those states on hold and are refunding customers pending conversations amongst lawyers. These three states have rules that are not entirely clear with respect to firearms and silencers and antique firearms, and it is relevant to point out that no states contemplated a product of this sort in their laws.

SilencerCo asked for and received a determination from the BATFE on behalf of the federal government prior to launch but could not do so officially from each state government or risk specific state-level legislation being passed prohibiting the product before it was even launched. We will refund orders to customers from these states and update consumers as soon as feasible as to the ultimate determination in California, New Jersey, and Massachusetts.

We believe that law abiding citizens should have the ability to purchase and own silencers, regardless of what state they live in. [SilencerCo] will continue [its] efforts in advocacy and encourage all who share our desire to take action and contact their elected representatives by visiting

Kevin Jarnagin
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