Stunning Deals!

This week several people in our office bought carry pistols at the stunning prices (with rebate) we're seeing right now. We also found a name brand AR-15 rifle for under $400 from an online source. I don't remember ever seeing a time like this. It won't last long.

What's happening? Everyone geared up. Gun makers, distributors, and gun stores. They made, ordered, and stocked up on a zillion guns, anticipating Hillary Clinton being elected President and instituting the gun bans she advocated. After the election, the "pipeline" was full, and the only way for the gun makers to move product is to empty the pipeline. Thus, deals you won't see again for a long time, if ever. These sales, rebates, and offers are going to end. Soon. You know what to do. ~ Tom

(As always, we load as many of these great deals that we can find onto our GunDealio app, so you don't have to search all the websites and stores. Coming soon to GunDealio - a search function in the Deals Section!)