Relics Relived!

One week removed from SHOT Show, the Gun Talk team remains mostly upright. If you didn’t catch any of our LIVE coverage, that footage resides on our Facebook and YouTube channels. With so much to cover, the team spread out in search of new guns for our loyalists. What we found was an impressive display of relics relived and new introductions springing up everywhere. However, it’s the old, new stuff that caught my eye.

Dates 1955 - 1960, Brownells resurrected Eugene Stoner's original .308 battle rifle.

There were no bigger launches than the Brownells Retro Rifle line. You can chatter about the Sig Sauer P365 or Glock 19X, but the Retro line is fishing in an entirely different creek. Brownells managed to get the SHOT crowd genuinely giddy about an entire line of firearms. I’m not dogging the P365 or 19X, which are great guns that will fly off the shelves as fast as they can produce them. Trust me. I shot both and was impressed.

The Retro Rifles infuse modern materials into classic Eugene Stoner designs. The period, 1955-1982, that Brownells introduced captures the height of engineering that led to the production of guns we shoot today.

Dates 1967 - 1982, the BRN-16A1 replicates the iconic M16A1 rifle. 

Whether it’s the iconic M16A1 rifle issued to thousands of US Soldiers or the classic carbine US troops used in Vietnam, the Retro Rifles capture a modern-built classic everyone can enjoy.

Brownells hit on something I believe has been missing from SHOT Show in recent years. They’ve taken an era of guns that has been forgotten and rejuvenated it for all those old gunnies. In doing so, Brownells figured out a way to mesh generations and get everyone excited about shooting all these old… I mean new guns. ~ KJ

Kevin Jarnagin
Kevin Jarnagin (KJ) hails from Oklahoma, but quickly established Louisiana roots after joining the Gun Talk team. KJ grew up as a big game hunter, and knows his way around a bass boat. Whether it’s making his way to British Columbia for elk or training with pistols, Jarnagin always seems to find a gun in his hands and adventure on his mind.