PICK IT UP! (Sponsored Spotlight)

Whatever you do, don’t pass up the Q100. Like most buyers, I get into a rut of buying from the more “popular” brands. I look past smaller pistol manufacturers – NEVER AGAIN! 

Q100The Slovakian-made, polymer Grand Power Q100 was delivered from Eagle Imports a week ago, and since the first grip, I’ve noticed a change in attitude. Grand Power develops pistols with competition in mind, and that’s first apparent by the trigger. Of course, all controls are ambidextrous, which notches another check in the positive box for me.

This striker-fired pistol has a rotating barrel, interchangeable grips and just feels right in hand. If you worry about service, don’t! It also comes with a lifetime service contract.

Going back to what feels familiar is okay, but why not explore what is out there. Reach for some of the quality brands that are imported from Eagle Imports like Bersa, Grand Power or Metro Arms. You’ll be glad you did.

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