Henry Rifle Voluntary Recall


For the first time in company history, Henry Repeating Arms Company is recalling some of their products over safety concerns. The recall covers H015-series Single Shot Rifles and Single Shot Shotguns manufactured prior to July 1, 2020.

According to the company’s July 30 press release, “Henry has recently discovered Henry Repeating Arms is recalling the H015-series Single-Shot rifles. This is a voluntary recall over safety concerns.a potential safety issue wherein, under certain conditions, it is possible that some of these models may discharge without the trigger being pulled if the hammer is partially cocked and released. To prevent the possibility of death or serious personal injury, you should immediately stop using all H015-series Single Shot Rifles and Single Shot Shotguns and not load or fire them until they have been upgraded.”

Ever mindful of their customers’ safety, Henry has an immaculate safety record with zero recalls needed in its steady 25-year history.

The H015-series Single Shot Rifles come in .223 Rem/5.56, .243 Win, .308 Win, .44 Mag/Special, .45-70 Gov't, .30-30, and .357 Mag/.38 Special.

The Single Shot Shotguns come in 12 Gauge, 20 Gauge, and .410 Bore.

All of the various calibers fall under the recall. 

To facilitate a quick turnaround on the necessary upgrade, Henry is offering to pay for shipping to and from their factory and has promised on their website to make the require upgrades quickly to get rifles back into customer hands as quickly as possible.

If you own one of these rifles – even if it has not malfunctioned – you are urged to contact Henry via HenryUSA.com/recall, email [email protected], or call 1-866-200-2354 (M-F, 9am ET-5pm ET) to obtain additional information about returning your rifle for the required recall work.

It’s good to see Henry getting out in front of this. The firearms industry has a long history of taking care of their customers’ safety, not just because it’s good business but because companies recognize there are lives on the line. ~ David

David Workman
David is an avid gun guy and a contributing writer to several major gun publications. In addition to being an NRA Certified Pistol Instructor and RSO, David trains new shooters on basic handgun skills and CCW requirements and is a strong advocate for training as much as you possibly can. "Real life shootouts don't happen at a box range."