A Budget Sauer? (Sponsored Spotlight)

What? A budget Sauer rifle?

If you've been around bolt-action rifles for a while no doubt you bumped into the name Sauer. What you heard, or saw, or shot, was a high-quality German rifle with all the bells and whistles, and it reeks of precision. But ... traditionally, a fine Sauer hunting rifle was going to run you three grand or more, right? 

In a "What the heck?" moment, Sauer announced the Model 100. Yes, it's a Sauer. Yes, it's made in Germany. Yes, it's accurate. Available with a beautiful wood stock or ERGO MAX polymer stock. Check out the features: Three-position safety, three-lug bolt head, 60-degree lift bolt, adjustable trigger (2.2 to 4.2 lbs), double-stack mag, 5+ 1 capacity in standard calibers, and it takes scope bases for the Remington 700.

But, the Sauer Model 100 starts at under $700. That's stunning for a precision German-made rifle.

We were impressed when we saw it being built in Germany, and we remain impressed with the quality. It's one that's worth checking out.

P.S. Hear Sauer's Bud Fini discuss the Sauer 100 on Tom Gresham's Gun Talk show by clicking here!

Sauer 100