Upgraded Handgun Performance

The easiest and quickest way to make a dramatic improvement to a handgun is to get a custom trigger job -- or replace the trigger. Action may be the heart of the gun, but the trigger is the soul. It's your "interface." It's the part that starts the action. It's also the thing that so often screws up the shot because the shooter doesn't press/pull/squeeze or whatever it well, often because the trigger creeps, drags, and is just too heavy.

Sure, someone is going to say that putting in an aftermarket trigger could pose a legal problem in a self-defense shooting. Highly unlikely. If you don't shoot the wrong person, then the trigger didn't cause a problem.

For competition shooting, you must have a good trigger with a repeatable pull. The gun must go off at the micro-second you want it to fire.Apex Blue Freedom

Same for hunting. A bad trigger can cause you to pull the shot off just a little, and that might result in a wounded animal -- the worst outcome.

Upgrading to an Apex trigger is like adding a performance chip to your sports car. It's an upgrade that directly influences the outcome. When you swap out the factory trigger for an Apex, you immediately improve the performance.

The decision to upgrade triggers is largely personal, but if you want more out of your gun, a simple swap of the trigger would be a great start.

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