Top 5 Summer Holsters

A lesson on what a quality holster can do for you: A Federal Agent in Florida accidentally shoots himself in the Orlando International Airport. (Read that story here!) To avoid this happening to you, here are five holster options to carry this summer so your gun stays in place.

1) Galco Stow-N-Go Inside the Pant
The Stow-N-Go works perfectly for those who like a light-leather, IWB holster. If you don’t want to carry on your person during the summer try the Galco Hidden Agenda.

Sticky Holsters go everywhere
Sticky Holsters go everywhere!

2) Alien Gear ShapeShift
Have no clue what you’re going to wear? The ShapeShift accommodates either IWB or OWB carry in multiple carry positions.

3) CrossBreed Founder's Series Freedom Carry
Pick up the Founder’s Series Freedom Carry if you’re looking for a kydex and leather IWB holster without the bulk. Ladies who need an option to carry in their purse should try the Small Purse Defender. This handy item keeps guns in place throughout the day, and it doesn’t take up much room.

4) Sticky Holsters
Like your holsters with some grip? The Sticky Holsters full line doesn’t budge when gun is drawn, no matter the carry position.

5) Elite Survival Systems Elite Pocket Holster
If you carry a gun unsheathed in your pocket, we can no longer be friends. Do yourself and others a favor and grab the Elite Pocket Holster.

BONUS Smart Carry
You may not know the Smart Carry holsters, but you should. Your gun rides in front of the body, pointed down and not back. You can wear shirts tucked with nothing hindering the draw stroke.