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Nothing can replace the sound of a well-placed shot on steel. Instantly, the shooter knows whether it is a hit or a miss. As shooters, shooting steel is rewarding and beneficial, but if not done correctly, accidents can turn a pleasant day on the range into a nightmare. Here are a few tips about shooting steel that may help next time you head out to the range.steel deal

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1) Understand Your Steel – Different steel has varied ratings based on caliber.
I arrived at the range just in time to intercept a pair of new shooters prepping their guns to shoot a lone gong target in the distance. Getting to know my neighbors, I asked what they were shooting, and their answer shocked me. You see, the caliber was far greater than the recommended rating for the steel gong. This didn’t seem to bother them much, so I packed my stuff and exited the range. A few days later, I was shooting at the same range and noticed the gong target pitted and cut to shreds, leaving no doubt about the fate of the dilapidated steel target.

2) Know Your Distance – Rule of thumb: Rifle calibers 100 yards and greater/pistol calibers 10 yards and greater
Steel targets have appropriate distances whether you’re shooting rifles or pistols. Check the recommended distance before heading to the range. If your shooting range already has steel, understand the ratings for the steel at the range.    ram

3) Worn Steel – Damaged Steel is bad steel.
At an old range where I shot, there was a heavy-steel target that had seen better days. The range, in its infinite wisdom, took the steel off the range. If shooters keep shooting pitted or damaged steel, shards of metal become frags. Not good when you’re shooting up close and personal.


4) Ammo is Everything – Certain rounds perform better than others. Know the difference.
We’ve all seen or heard stories that ended poorly about someone shooting steel too closely with rounds reserved for further distances. Understanding ammo is just as important as knowing distance for steel targets. Frangible ammo is a great way to stay safe at close distances, but what else can folks shoot at closer ranges? American Eagle Syntech ammo utilizes a polymer sytechcoating, instead of the traditional copper jacket, which allows the soft, lead bullet to fragment effortlessly. If you haven’t shot it lately, you should.

Competition shooters should appreciate the simplicity of the Syntech ammunition. I enjoyed shooting the round, but what I loved was the fact that I could see a distinctive red mark where my rounds impacted the steel.  

I’m not sure if you are aware, but Federal Premium is running an amazing rebate right now with the new American Eagle Syntech ammunition. When you purchase three boxes of Syntech ammo, Federal sends you a free Champion four-inch steel target. There is a limit of two rebate offers per household. Since Syntech ammunition is widely available this is a deal that shouldn’t be missed.

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