Scouring Lone Wolf

Since they were founded, Lone Wolf Distributors has been the industry leader in aftermarket parts for Glock pistols. Whether it’s slides, barrels, or their 3.5-pound connector that set the industry standard, when people think Lone Wolf they think “Glock parts.”

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But Lone Wolf Distributors is so much more than “just” parts for Glock pistols. There is an entire world of parts and accessories for pistols other than the famous Austrian gun. For example, there is the AlphaWolf lonepistol caliber carbine, currently available in .45 ACP. The AlphaWolf PCC feeds from commonly available Glock pattern .45 ACP magazines, and accepts all aftermarket .45 Glock magazines as well as OEM. Unlike most pistol caliber carbines available, it is not direct blowback operated, and instead uses a gas piston system, which eases felt recoil and brings the carbine back on target quicker.

Now, since the PCC does take Glock magazines, sure you could construe it as being related; but there are tons of products that Lone Wolf has that have nothing to do with Glocks. Let’s take a look at their barrel line up, for starters. The AlphaWolf barrels are all manufactured from 416 stainless steel and treated with a salt bath nitride coating for maximum corrosion resistance and durability. Yes, AlphaWolf barrels are available for Glocks, but they’re also available for the following pistols:

Smith & Wesson Shield
Beretta 92 Series
Browning Hi-Power
Ruger LC380

In fact, the LC380 conversion barrel gives shooters the option to change their existing .380 pistol for the more ballistically capable 9mm Makarov cartridge. A similar barrel is available for the Glock 42 as well. Beretta, Shield, and Hi-Power barrels are available with industry standard 1/2x28 threads, and the Shield also offers an option to convert your .40 S&W Shield to a 9mm.

In addition to threaded Shield barrels, Lone Wolf also sells a two-port compensator for the M&P Shield. Even though the Shield handles recoil very well, adding a small, external compensator can really help reduce muzzle flip, which brings the gun back on target faster for those all-important follow up shots.  Lone Wolf also offers an impressive line of Cerakoting, PVD finishes, and their unique Flash Nitride slide refinishing service. Custom services are available as well, making Lone Wolf an actual full service custom shop.

It’s reasonable to think of Glock aftermarket parts when you think of Lone Wolf, because that’s what they’re best known for, and for good reason, since they set the industry standard for that market. But there’s so much more to the company than “just” Glock parts. Head over to to find out! ~ Caleb Giddings

Caleb Giddings
Caleb Giddings is a writer based out of South Florida, and an NCO in the USAFR. He’s been working in the firearms industry for most of his adult life, and when he’s not writing, he’s posting dog photos on his instagram, which you can follow @radicaleb_