Reinvest Those Savings (Sponsored Spotlight)

Enhancing the shooter’s experience one trigger at a time, with Apex Tactical

You’ve saved some money on Smith & Wesson’s Shield. Now, take the savings and reinvest in an Apex Action Enhancement Trigger Kit. The current rebate on the S&W Shield saves folks $75 with a mail-in rebate. How convenient is that? With a price tag of $77, the Apex Action Enhancement Trigger Kit makes sense to outfit the newly purchased Shield.

The Apex Trigger reduces pre-travel and over-travel. Plus, installation can be done without the need of gunsmith or an armorer's course.

The trigger kit replaces the factory hinged trigger with a solid aluminum trigger body. The trigger reduces pre- and over-travel by approximately 20 percent. It also features a smooth face with a center mounted pivoting safety. The center mounted pivoting safety bar prevents unintended operation by creating a trigger block that will not disengage unless the shooter places his or her finger directly on the trigger face. So, what does this mean for the shooter experience? Accuracy. The Enhancement Trigger Kit shortens and lightens the trigger pull and allows for a crisper break through the shot. Adding a trigger doesn’t mean that you are automatically accurate. That takes more shooting and training, but it does mean a likelihood of more consistency throughout the shot.

Apex also offers full trigger and kits starting at $159.95. With the Shield, you can install the trigger, the duty/carry kit or both. They work independently of each other, but the best performance comes from using both. This upgrade greatly improves the trigger pull characteristics while keeping it well within that ideal range for a duty or carry pistol.

Installation is easy. Follow the video instructions below and you are on your way to tightening groups and becoming more effective.

How To Disassemble The M&P Shield And M&P Shield 45 Frame:
Apex Trigger Bar Installation for M&P Shield and M&P Shield 45 Trigger:
How To Disassemble The M&P Shield And M&P Shield 45 Slide:

~ KJ

(This spotlight is sponsored by Apex Tactical)