A Pressing Matter (Sponsored Spotlight)

Make way! A new player just entered the metallic loading game. Well, not new, exactly. Generations of shotgunners have depended on MEC Shooting Sports for their shotshell loaders, but with the Marksman, this American company puts a solid single-stage loading press on your bench.

What looks really cool, though, is the patent-pending, self-centering shell holder. With rifle cartridges, especially, concentricity contributes to accuracy. Allowing the case to center with the loading die can only help with accuracy. The Marksman takes standard 7/8-14 thread dies, and it handles anything from .22 Hornet to .416 Rigby. MEC rounds out the line with the accessories you need for loading. And, yes ... it's made in the U.S.A..

Read more about MEC Shooting Sports here: https://www.mecshootingsports.com/why-mec.

MEC Marksman
Introducing the all new MEC Marksman®, our single stage metallic reloader.  Reload with the ultimate precision tool.