Gun 101: Five Reasons Why You Need a Holster

Besides becoming familiar with handling your weapon, choosing a holster is one of the most critical aspects of concealed carry for those who want to use a firearm for personal protection.

In fact, choosing the right concealed carry holster can be the difference between safely and quickly neutralizing a threat and ending up the victim in an emergency. Here are a few reasons why you should adequately outfit your gun in the right concealed carry holster.

1. Safety
First and foremost, a good holster allows you to optimize your handgun safety, and safety is paramount in situations that involve firearms.

We’ve all seen it in films: heroes and bad guys haphazardly sticking their handgun into their waistband without a holster1holster. In reality, this is an extreme threat to your safety and the safety of anyone around you. Don’t take my word for it. CLICK HERE to see it yourself.

When you choose to tuck your gun into your waistband or carry without a holster, your gun can be easily dislodged from its placement and fall into view.

This might sound like a funny scene from one of your favorite police sitcoms, but if this happened in the real world, it wouldn't end well.  The worst-case scenario is that it causes your gun to misfire, potentially harming you or someone in the vicinity and ending with you in handcuffs. Even if your gun does not misfire and injure someone, exposing your gun in public puts you in violation of concealed carry laws. Check your state laws by clicking HERE

holsterlawIf you can keep your handgun from becoming exposed, it is still likely you will have to adjust your handgun throughout the day continually. This means it is all the more likely you accidentally press the trigger of your handgun and discharge it, again causing harm to yourself and others.

As a concealed carrier, it is your priority to carry your gun safely and responsibly and uphold the reputation of concealed carriers nationwide.

2. Retention
Along with mitigating your chances of unintentionally discharging your firearm, a good holster allows you to retain your weapon.

Many of the best holsters on the market, including fully customizable Kydex holsters, feature adjustable retention. Check out the Kydex holsters HERE. This allows users with smaller hands to decrease retention according to their personal comfort.

Whatever your preferred retention setting, it is essential you practice your draw at a range each time you adjust your retention. This allows you to become comfortable and confident in accessing your weapon.

3. Protection
In addition to protecting you and those around you, holsters also protect your handgun from dirt, sweat, humidity, and your general environment.

Over time, your body's natural sweat can contribute to the accelerated corrosion of the finish of your firearm. More holster12than just an aesthetic issue, corrosion can also affect various components of your firearm, such as the safety mechanism, and cause them to malfunction. A holster covers the gun so that it does not contact your skin and the sweat and body oils that can cause these issues.

For those who openly carry their firearm, a holster protects the handgun from the elements, including the rain, dirt, sand, and grime.

4. Concealment
In addition to allowing you to carry your handgun safely, holsters enable a carrier to conceal their handgun better. Besides, a good concealment holster breaks up the outline of your gun, so it isn’t as obvious you’re carrying a gun.

IWB (inside the waistband) and OWB (outside of the waistband) holsters are the most common carrying style. Tuckable holsters afford excellent concealment while still allowing ease of access and can be paired with a high-quality concealed carry belt for maximum performance. Check out available IWB and OWB holster options HERE.

While carrying at the waist is undoubtedly the most common, some individuals find that waistband carrying is inconvenient or uncomfortable. If this is the case for you, there are alternative options for holster placement available, including ankle holsters, pocket holsters, and shoulder holsters, across-the-back holsters, and thigh holsters. Again, it is essential to become proficient with your style of carry. 

5. Comfort
Comfort is one aspect of carrying a gun that is easily overlooked yet vital, particularly for concealed carry.

Carrying a handgun, especially for extended periods, can be downright uncomfortable, and becoming used to the weight of the gun and holster takes time, practice, and patience.

Don’t make that process any harder than it needs to be. A good holster is designed to make carrying your gun easier and more comfortable by evenly distributing the weight and implementing strategic design features to maximize fit. This includes adjustable straps and snap closures that are constructed for customization.

After all, the more comfortable it is to carry your gun, the more likely you are to carry it.

Bottom Line
It doesn’t make sense to go out and spend $1,200 on the 1911 you’ve been dreaming about and stick it into a flimsy holster––or worse, no holster at all.

Whether you are new to concealed carry or a seasoned vet, take the time to find and use a reliable and comfortable concealed carry holster. ~ Ben

Ben T. Jimenez
Ben works for Concealment Express as their Director of Marketing. When not working, Ben is an avid outdoorsman and former Marine who enjoys hunting and long-distance shooting.  

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