Five Long Range Deals

Ask anyone. The biggest trend in the shooting industry remains long-range shooting and Precision Rifle Series (PRS) matches. New entrants into the sport find the price of gear staggering. Rifles, triggers, optics, ammo, rangefinders and miscellaneous equipment is pricey…unless you find some deals. Here are five deals that benefit the new guy on the block.

The game isn’t cheap. You might as well jump head first and never look back. Accuracy International’s name is synonymous with competitive, long range shooting. The Accuracy International AX338 dark earth rifle comes equipped with match-grade, free-floating barrel, folding chassis and countless other features that benefit the most seasoned shooters. I mentioned the game isn’t cheap, but with a price as low as this you can’t miss. BUY here.


See the target, hit the target. Sounds easy enough, but it can’t be done without clear glass. Zeiss lenses eliminate any doubt when seeing and engaging targets. The clarity jumps out immediately. A limited deal on the Zeiss Conquest HD5 is happening now. If you don’t mind saving $500 on super-clear glass then this is for you. BUY here.


To effectively range long distances, a quality rangefinder is needed. Most companies strive to get the dependability and precision that Leica has gained. Normally $600 in stores, consumers have a limited opportunity to purchase the Leica Rangemaster CRF 2000-B at $399. If a rangefinder that ranges out to 2000 yards is in your future this deal is for you. BUY here.


Many long-range experts hand load rounds to receive the most out of their guns. Of course, you could go this route or shoot rounds that deliver optimal velocity and accuracy. If you’re looking for a round go with Hornady Match Ammo ELD-Match. At $1.45/cartridge this deal won’t last long. BUY here.


We should keep our rifles in mint condition. Doing so involves a great cleaning regimen. Keeping a cleaning kit with you on the range or in a vehicle offers shooters an opportunity to clean their firearms quickly. A small kit like the Otis Compact Gun Cleaning System provides a solution that keeps guns clean and eliminates carting around a big cleaning kit. BUY here.


We don’t have to break the bank to get into long range shooting. All it takes is finding some great deals to initiate the process of competing. ~ KJ

Kevin Jarnagin
Kevin Jarnagin (KJ) hails from Oklahoma, but quickly established Louisiana roots after joining the Gun Talk team. KJ grew up as a big game hunter, and knows his way around a bass boat. Whether it’s making his way to British Columbia for elk or training with pistols, Jarnagin always seems to find a gun in his hands and adventure on his mind.