Clothed for Concealment - Cool Weather Gear

Cooler temps arrived quickly this year, which means CCW holders have more options on how they carry. Here are some choices that make open carry discreet no matter how cold temperatures fall.


Comfort is king when it comes to shirts designed for concealment. I consider myself a fashionable guy. Man, it’s hard to admit that, but I enjoy clothing that fits well. For folks that carry firearms daily, clothing that looks good and is functional is challenging to locate. Propper developed the HLX long-sleeve shirt with strategically placed stretch panels that make concealed carry more comfortable. It’s offered in three unassuming colors and brings a manageable price tag, $59.99. To learn more about the HLX Long Sleeve shirt, CLICK HERE.


Maybe it's the heat in the south, but a bunch of folks look to the fishing industry to find their concealment clothing. It ponchofalls over the beltline smoothly and is tailored to move with the body. Poncho Outdoors produces shirts that check all the boxes. They come in a wide variety of color options and come in regular fit and slim fit. Here's another reason why I like Poncho Outdoors shirts. They don't scream TACTICAL. If you don't like plain color shirts, they also have printed patterns. To learn more about the Poncho Outdoors line of shirts, CLICK HERE.


Not many people think about how their pant options affect their concealed carry. However, when you appendix carry, sitka pantbelt loop placement means everything. If you wear pants that have belt loops placed too close to the button, it moves your holster position. The Back Forty pant from Sitka has wider belt loops in the front, which make an appendix carry a little more comfortable. Sitka blends three different performance fabrics for durability and abrasion-resistance into the Back Forty pant. Warning: the price tag on these pants will set you back about $140, but they are worth it. To learn more about the Sitka Back Forty, CLICK HERE.


For folks in the far north, fleece-lined pants might be the way to go. Duluth Trading Company offers several options duluththat make concealment super easy. One thing to consider when purchasing pants are how much flex is designed into each piece. Movement in any fight means the difference in winning and losing. The Fire Hose Fleece-Lined cargo pants stretch with every move. If you haven't had a go in any Duluth Trading Company pants, it’s probably time you try them out. As an added bonus, Duluth added multiple pockets. To learn more about the Fire Hose Fleece-Lined cargo pants, CLICK HERE.


I’m back to Propper on this one too. Their modern take on the tactical pant is spot on with the RevTac pant. The RevTac has slimmer cargo pockets. For those who hate shirts coming untucked, this pant has arevtac gripper strip that prevents this atrocity. The RevTac pant comes in all the tactical colors, but it's the charcoal color that I enjoy. It's dark and doesn't yell I have a gun. To learn more about the Propper RevTac pant, CLICK HERE. Quick note: Propper came out with a belt called the Carbon Carry belt that is an excellent addition to your wardrobe. It’s made from conveyor belt material. Find it HERE.


Jackets and outerwear cost more, but they're what allow us to conceal in open carry. I love coats that cover about four inches below the waistline. It doesn’t matter if I’m carrying a G19 or P365, that added four inchesvertyx covers any holster. The Vertx Urban Discipline jacket is on sale for $87.96 and has a worn-in, waxed fabric. This one is good if you need to dress it up a bit. Having a jacket that has more heft to it is excellent when clearing the garment to draw the gun. To learn more about the Urban Discipline jacket, CLICK HERE.


I’m relatively new to Viktos clothing. I first saw them at the SHOT Show and enjoyed the cut and quality. The Sereous softshell jacket has a water-resistant coating and interior carry pockets, giving ample storage space. One well thought-viktosout feature is the Gunvent Sidearm access zippers. This small feature allows open-carriers the ability to draw the firearm without obstruction. To learn more about the Viktos Sereous softshell CLICK HERE.


Arc’teryx understands that concealed carriers need performance clothing. The LEAF Cold WX Jacket LT is hot and isn't overly feature-rich. The LEAF Cold WX jacket minimizes obstructions where concealed carriers come in contact with their firearm. Arc’teryx clothing is relatively expensive, but you get what you archpay for in this case. Good news! It is on sale for $261.75. To learn more about the LEAF Jacket CLICK HERE.


I'm not a fan of open carry, personally. However, it is the most comfortable way to carry a firearm. Winter months mean it's time for a comfortable carry, so make sure you dress correctly. ~ KJ

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Kevin Jarnagin
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