Alternative Options for Self Defense

Here's a look at what goes into making some of the best blades out there.

Knife guys resemble gun guys to a T. They crave understanding and knowledge about the blades they carry. Often, they immerse themselves in the production aspect as well. Rob Cabrera, of DoubleStar, is a knife guy. His daily liferob knife 3 and professional life revolve around blades. It’s no surprise when I sat down with Rob to ask him a few questions that every blade DoubleStar produces is an extension of himself.

Q: Rob, you are a knife guy. What is your background when it comes to edged weaponry?
A: Spent too much time on the street with a knife. Then around 1990, I began working Filipino Kali with the other fighting systems I trained. Progressively in 2001, I picked up Kali as my devoted system of study. I began sharing my positive life experiences and the training I’d obtained over the years with my military and LEO friends.

Q: DoubleStar produces a wide variety of edged weapons. What blades would you recommend for the gun guys to carry when they aren’t able to carry a gun?
A: From a protection and EDC POV, I recommend the Drakon and the Chico Diablo-X.

Q: In all your years of training, what is the most valuable skill or thought you’ve been taught?knife making
A: Threat prevention. I take in information in every setting and am more aware with the training I’ve received over the years.  

Q: DoubleStar produces its own blades in house from design to production. How do you go about designing a knife that fits that EDC mindset?
A: Use, rigging or carry, deployment and retention. At DoubleStar we consider every situation that EDC guys or gals may encounter. If I carry a knife, it must have a function and purpose or it’s no use to me during an altercation. We have years of experience and that obviously plays a part in the development of new blades.

Q: Speaking of design, are there certain materials that are inherent in DoubleStar blades that separate them from the rest of the blades on the market?
A: We deal with the best steels and steel providers to ensure quality stainless “Nito-V and AEB-L”, as well as carbon steel “80CRV2 and 1095.”

Q: What type of training should those interested seek out for knife carry?Rob
A: I favor systems that cover all the ranges of combat—kicking, punching, elbows/knees, grappling, ground fighting and weapons offensive/defensive.

Q: Final question. What is with the rise of the tomahawk? These aren’t the normal tomahawks we are used to seeing.
A: Indeed, that was our point with the Wrath. The classification of the “Crashhawk” is ours! We bridged the gap between the Hawk and the Crash Axe. A tank that moves like a stealth fighter.

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