The New and Improved GunDealio - Update Coming Soon!

GunDealio users will soon be able to upgrade to the newest version of GunDealio! It’s the same app you love, but now features the mostHome Screen requested change, and a brand-new look.

Why Should I Update? 

Once the update is available, the current version of GunDealio will no longer work. You will be unable to access deals, exclusives, events near you, or see the most recent news on products and special promotions. You will also no longer receive any alerts from GunDealio! If you want to keep getting notifications about rebates, user-only discounts, and more, you’ll want to update once the option becomes available!

How do I Update?

The easiest way to update will be to simply open your GunDealio app any time after the update becomes available. Once you open the app, you’ll see a pop up message prompting you to update. Just follow the steps from there!

Of course, you can also update through the app settings on your mobile device.

If your phone is already set to “Automatic Update,” then there is nothing for you to do! You’re app will update on its own and you’ll instantly have access to the latest version of GunDealio!

What's Different?GunDealio Filter

Since Day One, GunDealio users have been saving money, but have wanted an even easier way to look through all the great deals. With this upgrade comes the most-requested feature update – a way to filter the deals!

We’ve also freshened up the aesthetics of the app, and improved a lot of things you can’t see that make the app function even better than before.