Million Momer Meets NRA Lifer

This story told by a good friend is a great example of one-on-one lobbying.  He was leaving a restaurant after taking the daughter of friends to lunch to say goodbye as she prepared to leave for college.  “John” saw a woman wandering around the huge parking lot, looking confused.  He offered to help, and I guess he did not represent the appearance of a threat since he had a beautiful teenage girl with him.

Now, John is well-mannered and polite, and he drove the woman around the parking lot, giving her air-conditioned relief from the summer sun until they found her car.  They exchanged pleasantries, and he noted that the woman had a Million Mom March bumper sticker on her car.  Unable to pass up the chance to do a bit of education, John got out of his car and went over to the lady, opened the door of her car for her, and wished her a good day.  She thanked him effusively, and just before he closed her car door, John said, “And by the way, you should know that I am a life member of the National Rifle Association.  Have a nice day.”  And with that, he gave her a big smile.

He was met with a look of horror as though she had seen a monster.           

Well, it was a good effort.   We all should do what we can to show through our actions that gun owners are responsible, polite, and civil members of society, despite how the media would characterize us.

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