Forbes Magazine Recognizes Exciting New Smartphone App for Shooters

Mandeville, LA- Accompanying the debut of the ground-breaking free smartphone app, GunDealio, Forbes magazine recently published an article detailing the deal-finding app and the company responsible- GUNTALK Media.

GUNTALK, a multi-media company run by father and son Tom and Ryan Gresham, produces "Tom Gresham's GUNTALK," a nationally-syndicated radio talk show carried on more than 200 stations; "GUNTALK" and "Guns & Gear" television series, which air on three networks; "First Person Defender," a digital video series in its third year; and various firearms instructional DVDs.

The company has now entered into the world of smartphone apps with the release of GunDealio, a free app specifically designed with shooters and gun enthusiasts in mind.

In the August 10 Forbes article “Guns, Ammo & Geo-Targeting: How A Father-Son Team Is Bringing Deals To Weapons Enthusiasts,” writer Karsten Strauss reviewed how GunDealio is helping thousands of shooters to find deals on guns, ammo, optics and so much more.

The author explained that GunDealio’s partners report sales, promotions and rebates which are in turn relayed to users through the “Deals” category of the app or through direct to phone notifications. By using geo-targeting, when consumers enter one of the over 2,500 independent and franchised retailers included in the GunDealio platform, the app recognizes their location and can notify them of manufacturer deals or even store specific specials. GunDealio users are also privy to exclusive deals available only to those with the app.

Ryan Gresham, a former ad executive for Fox TV in New Orleans and current V.P. of Sales and Marketing for GUNTALK, tells Strauss that although the app was released in June 2015, the idea for GunDealio originated about four years ago as a plan to create a digital signage network in retailers nationally which would display marketing messages to consumers in store. From that idea GunDealio was born. Now, with an ever-growing list of retailers across the country, the Greshams are planning for the future of the app. The pair intends to work more closely with independent stores in the future, helping them to market directly to their local region.

The Forbes writer also explains that this completely free for users app, which has now been downloaded over 10,000 times, brings in revenue through manufacturer sponsorships and ad sales. Regarding sponsors, Ryan Gresham is quoted, “They’re able to not only have their deals and listings at the top of the list, but also they’re able to send their notifications to people when they walk into stores.”

Strauss goes on to quote GunDealio sponsor Kahr Firearms’ company spokesperson Sheryl Gallup, “Through GunDealio, Kahr can share the latest promotions and product reviews of our products before they even reach the gun counter.”

Available for both Android and iOS smartphones, GunDealio also boasts listings of local and national events, product news, access to podcasts of "Tom Gresham's GUNTALK," and hundreds of videos produced by GUNTALK Media. 

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