Christmas Gifts for the Gals

I enjoy hunting and shooting, so I always appreciate it when someone asks me what I’d like for Christmas. The list usually includes time together. However, it seems most gift givers would like an idea of an actual thing that can be unwrapped. (get it, and this gal is always grateful for any gift that happens under the tree.

This year I had a tough time coming up with ideas for myself, but I do have a few suggestions for you.

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For my friends who own firearms, gunlocks, safes, holsters, targets and the like are always good go-to’s. If you’re looking for a gift for a lady who hunts, backpacks, binoculars, decoys, and calls are great ideas.

At my Amazon Affiliate shop, I have my ideas broken out into lists. Those lists aren’t ideas for me; They’re ideas for mia duck huntingyou. I already have a lot of the items listed there. Some I’ve purchased for myself and some came to me as gifts. I like them so much that I thought you should know about them too.

I’ve received some great gifts over the years. I tell you what, the big guy who leaves the surprises under the Christmas tree sure does come up if good Ideas. Think Ralphie and ‘A Christmas Story.’ Since we’re young we want bows and arrows or bb guns. As we get older, what Santa brings evolves. Santa’s figured out what to bring for this gal, who enjoys hunting and shooting

One year, St. Nicholas left a Taurus Judge. Oh no, not the snub-compact model, but the 6-1/2” barreled bad-boy. That may sound a little too large for a lady, but he knows that I grew up in the wild west and have a fascination with wheel guns. This 45 Colt/410 Gauge, matte-stainless five-shooter fit perfectly in the handmade leather holster that ties to the side of my saddle. A defender and snake-slayer in one — Santa did good that year.

Another year, I received a Benelli Super Black Eagle II with a Max 3 camouflage finish. That 24-inch barreled 12 gauge is quite the upgrade from “Big Black,” the reach out and touch them, 28-inch barreled, black finish, 12-gauge Super Black Eagle I already have. Both shoot 3-1/2 magnum loads and drop geese and turkeys like rocks, but one is a little more balanced and easier for this little lady to swing.

Santa once decided I needed a new hunting rifle because one of these days I’m going to draw my moose, or big horn sheep, or mountain goat tag. Boy, have I had fun at the range and deer hunting with the the rifle that launches a 127-grain bullet at speeds faster than 3,500 fps. You see, that year the big guy left the flat shooting, ultra-light Accumark 6.5-300 Weatherby Magnum rifle.

St. Nick knows I’m not always at the range or in the field, so he’s also left me a few stocking stuffers. He must’ve searched far and wide the year he left me another wheel gun, the Kimber K6S Stainless. That .356 six-shot revolver is a beauty and shoots like one too. I’ve learned that it can stow easily in my thigh holster under my Sunday’s best.

So, who says a gal is hard to shop for? We all want something shiny (think stainless), or maybe something black — no, not a dress (think light weight, highly accurate), If she needs more color, think camouflage, blaze orange, or one of my limited-edition Elk Hunter hoodies or tees. Merry Christmas! ~ Mia


Mia Anstine
Mia is a hunting guide based in southwest Colorado, where she grew up in the mountains along the San Juan River. She is a freelance writer, podcast host, commentator, public speaker, and hunter ed, archery, and firearms instructor who shares the real outdoors to inspire others to embrace it. To learn more about Mia CLICK HERE.