After The Election: Time To Cowboy Up

No matter who gets elected to the White House, gun owners will face continued and increasing attacks on their rights. We all need to "cowboy up" and face the reality that this is a constant and never-ending battle. Lawful gun ownership is being attacked daily in Congress, in the states, in cities, in the media, in movies, and sometimes even from within the firearms community.
The assaults come in many forms: continued calls for the phony "universal background check" which is really a savage attack on our ability to give, sell or even loan a gun to someone. One would hope that all gun owners have seen the chaos the UBC has caused in states where it's been enacted, where even loaning a gun to a buddy for a weekend of hunting can be a felony crime. Regrettably, some gun owners don't know about this, and they will even say (to the media and others) "I don't see a problem with a background check." The urge to seem "reasonable" clouds their ability to look at the real consequences of this highly-restrictive concept. 

Knowing what is a good measure to support, and which ones are bad, really is pretty simple. Just look at who is promoting each one. In the case of the UBC, it's the gun-banning, megalomaniac billionaire Michael Bloomberg. Anything he is for can not be good for gun owners. Any gun measure he promotes is designed to erode the human right of self protection. Look at who supports a measure. You will know it by its champions.

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