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Tom Gresham's Gun Talk Newsletter

December 23, 2015


Ambushed, Assaulted, and Attacked 

That's just a typical day when we are shooting episodes of our web Television series, First Person Defender. It's a hectic, frantic, tiring and fun series of setups, shoots, training, and debriefs, but what you get from it is a look into what happens then things go badly -- when people are robbed, attacked, and assaulted, and how they react.

We just posted the first half of our third season of FPD for your binge-viewing pleasure. Judging from the reaction to seasons one and two, I'm pretty sure you'll enjoy these, and you'll probably learn from watching them. A few of our good guys came prepared with some training, but many of them had little or no experience in self defense with a gun. There were many INTOT moments. I Never Thought Of That.

Remember the account of former CNN anchor Lynn Russell, who was the victim of a push-in robbery in a hotel room in Albuquerque? That one ended up in a gun fight, where her husband was shot, and the robber was killed. We recreated that scenario with Mary, a former Marine. The first time through the scenario, she was caught by surprise, but things changed after a bit of training at the range, and she had a second chance.

Our trainers this season are Chris Cerino and Wes Dos -- guys with real-world experience and a lot of training background. A few times, even they were surprised at what our good guy "victims" did when things got exciting.

We'll be posting the second half of FPD Season 3 in a few weeks. Until then, enjoy the first six episodes, and share with your family and friends.

Watch the series on GUNTALK's YouTube channel:


Saving Money on Guns, and Other Cool Stuff

Simply put, there has never been anything like GunDealio, our smartphone app. It alerts you to promotions and deals from gun, ammo, and accessory makers. You will save money. 

Just download GunDealio from the App Store (iPhone) or Google Play (Android platforms), and then - very important - allow it to send you notifications.

Start saving money today. Get GunDealio. OH! It's free. ;)


Tom's New Gig - Op-Ed for The Washington Times

That's right - Tom's now writing an opinion piece for The Washington Times every other week.

Web Giants Trying To Kill The Gun Industry?: Google, Facebook, Twitter, Paypal, and other companies who make up a large part of internet commerce and information flow have policies prohibiting advertising legal firearms. Guns, in their eyes (as well as in their official policies) are the same as pornography. Read more here:

The Great Gun Control Con: Gun-ban advocates don't want you to know that gun violence is falling. Simply put, the Great Gun Control Con is running full tilt, aided by a compliant, if not complicit, media shilling a string of lies designed to reshape public knowledge on crime and guns. Read more here:

When the Gun-Ignorant Make Gun Laws: Rather than improve safety, they simply waste money. When the state of Maryland quietly killed off its 15-year, $5 million social experiment in gun control - so-called "ballistic fingerprinting" - it served up the latest example of people who know nothing about firearms making technical laws about guns. The news of this latest failure (not a single crime solved in 15 years) followed New York shutting down a similar program, and it generated from gun owners and gun makers a tired "We told you so." Read more here:

The Stopwatch of Death: Mass shooters kill quickly, so only armed bystanders can save lives. "If you're in a position to try and take the gunman down," Chief Lanier said, "to take the gunman out. It's the best option for saving lives before police can get there." Read more here:


Gun Sales Up. New People Buying.

Following the terrorist attack in San Bernardino, CA, Hillary Clinton and President Obama went to their comfort places -- calling for restrictions on gun owners -- restrictions which would not have affected the killers. Clinton actually called for the U.S. to consider confiscation, referring the what Australia did to its gun owners. The New York Times put an editorial on page one -- something not done in more than 80 years -- calling for not bans on the sale of guns, but actual confiscation. Turn them in.

However, the more these loonies call for gun bans, the more the American public buys guns. More than just gun owners buying more guns, though, because many people who never thought they would want a gun are getting training and buying guns.

People have a good BS filter, and they saw the San Bernardino police make a great response -- arriving in only four minutes. In those four minutes, of course, 14 people were murdered and many more were shot. When seconds count . . . .

Many people did the math and realized that waiting for the police may well be a death sentence, so they are doing the logical thing. They are buying guns, getting training, getting carry permits (where required), and are carrying guns for their own protection.

Here's hoping you have rededicated yourself to getting real training and practicing often. If you don't have our DVD on gun fighting and concealed carry, you can get them for 25 percent off if you buy through the free GunDealio app for your smartphone. That's the only way to get this saving.


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Be Safe. Check Your Six. 

Fighter pilots talk about checking six -- the six o'clock position, or right behind them. We use that phrase to talk about situational awareness. Simply put, it means to know what's going on around you.

This season, get your head up and look around. Don't be texting while walking through a parking lot. Don't have your head down. Look up! Look around!  If you look like food, you will be eaten!



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