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Truth Squad Newsletter - April 21, 2016

Tom Gresham's Gun Talk Newsletter

April 21, 2016





Nothing Moves If You Don't Push

So... I'm reading this article about another empty holster protest at a university. These have been held by members of Students for Concealed Carry in a number of states. It's simple. They wear empty holsters, set up a table, have posters, and try to get attention to the fact that students (and everyone else) are rendered defenseless by the "no gun" policy or law prohibiting carry (or even possession) on college campuses.

This particular article ( details what happened on the campus of the University of South Alabama, at an empty (I said EMPTY) holster protest, when (according to the article -- with video) campus police officers took offense to this exercise of free speech. The officers asked to search the students, looking for the gun that was no longer in the holster. Duh. When the students exercised their rights by refusing to consent to a search, the officers announced that they WOULD find something to charge the students with -- and they eventually did.

Officers asked if the students got permission from the university to wear empty holsters. Huh? "You need permission from the university," said one officer. Huh?

Tthe citation was overturned a few days later after public scrutiny, (, but the point is that these student activists knew the law and stood up for their rights. All over the country Students for Concealed Carry on Campus ( are pushing ... getting attention and making people actually look at and recognize the immoral policy of requiring people to become victims. Good for them!

The officers were not nasty or out of line, but they also offered the tired line of "Someone called it in, so we have to check it out." A report of an empty holster?

Learning point. Don't wear your pocket knife with the clip out where it can be seen. Yeah, I know. Guys love to do this. But, think of it as open carry. It's more of a "look at me!" move. Concealed applies here, as well. There are ways to carry a knife concealed and still have it available quickly. Give it some thought.

Keep pushing. Be polite, but make your point.



SMACKDOWN! Calling Gun Banners To Task

I'm a big fan of what NRA News has been doing with video to put the mostly anti-gun-rights media in its place. The latest video shines the light on the another bigoted project, this one from Cosmo magazine, who partnered with Bloomberg's Everytown group to bring you this "dating" editorial. (Some of the comments will bring a smile to your face). It says that women shouldn't date "gunsplainers." If you aren't familiar with the term "mansplaining," this may not make sense to you. Wikipedia has this definition: "Mansplaining is a portmanteau of the words man and explaining, defined as 'to explain something to someone, typically a man to woman, in a manner regarded as condescending or patronizing.'"

The term "mansplaining" has become a popular putdown by the urban/chic we're-too-cool-for-this-room crowd.

Therefore, "gunsplaining" is a term created to denigrate any man (because no woman would ever own a gun or want to talk about it, right?) who owns guns, shoots guns, or (heaven forbid!) actually likes shooting as an activity. It drips with condescension.

In 150 seconds, Dana Loesch guts Cosmo, exposes the women who proclaim (through putdown) their superiority to anyone who owns a gun, and crushes the elitism of a magazine which, as she points out, graced us with the hard-hitting expose article titled "The Crotch Crisis." It's part of the NRA News video series, and they are all excellent and worthy of sharing. You'll be glad you devoted 150 seconds to watch this video: Dana Loesch on "Gunsplaining"



Hold Your Nose, think SCOTUS, and Vote

Well, this is simple. Not fun. Not even good. But simple. I don't care who the Republican Party ends up nominating for this presidential election. I'd vote for Daffy Duck if he's running against Hillary Clinton.

This election, for me, and for gun owners, is about one thing. The Supreme Court of The United States. SCOTUS. The next president will likely select three new justices. This will determine the direction of the court for the next 30 or 40 years.

Yes, I'm probably more of a libertarian bent. But, I'm also a pragmatist. A vote for the libertarian candidate, or any third party candidate, is a vote for Hillary Clinton, who continues to proclaim that "The Supreme Court got it wrong" on the Heller decision. She promises to get SCOTUS to reverse the decision which confirmed that Americans have an individual right to own a gun. She also openly calls for gun bans (semi autos), national registration (the phony "universal background check"), and dances around her dream of confiscation when she says we should look at the example of Australia.

So, here's the reality. I don't care if it's Ted, Donald, or Daffy. I'm not a fan of any of them. But ... there has never been a year when everything in gun rights is on the line like this one. I'm quite serious when I say that if Hillary Clinton wins, we have pretty much lost the Second Amendment. After 30 or 40 years of her Supreme Court gutting our rights, there will be two generations of Americans who have lived under those restrictions and who think that's just the way it is.

It's like people now who think its normal and "ok" to have licensed gun dealers, age restrictions on who can buy guns, bans on mail-order sale of guns, and FBI background checks on gun buyers. None of those is normal or OK. They were not the law when I was growing up, but now they have been established for so long that for most people, that heavily-restricted reality is the baseline for gun rights.

This November, you have to screw up your courage. We have to go to the polls. We must get friends to register to vote -- now. (You can use to help spread the word!) If you have to start buying large-diameter PVC pipe, they have won, and there's no recovery.


Keep Buying Guns and Ammo -- Things May Change Drastically

I'm not being negative, and we should work hard to make sure a Democrat is not elected to the White House, but there's at least a 50 percent chance that will happen. If it does, we're looking at certain changes -- possibly monumental changes -- in gun laws.

I'm buying. Ammo is cheap right now. Guns too, really. And, I check the GunDealio app for deals and promos. I get alerts with this cool smartphone app when I enter gun stores. It also allows you to watch our videos and listen to Gun Talk Radio at your convenience. Yes, of course, it's our app. Yes, I'm supposed to say it's good. The truth is, if it wasn't good, we wouldn't have it out there. That's just who we are at Gun Talk. Besides, it's FREE. ;) Get it, allow the location services and notifications (that's where the big value is), and start saving.

GunDealio is available from the App Store (iPhone) or Google Play (Android Platform).


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You can also see past live feeds (archived), like when Ryan showed off the SIG pistol he used to shoot a big hog last week in Georgia. He used the Polycase ARX ammo in .45 ACP, and we got it all on video, which will be part of the new season (starting in July) of Guntalk's GunVenture series.
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