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12.3.15: First Defense in an Attack: Armed Citizens - This Week on GUNTALK Radio

Mandeville, LA - This week, a Christmas party at a county agency in San Bernardino was attacked by an employee and his accomplice. What can an armed citizen do to prepare for these kind of attacks? That, and more, this week on Tom Gresham's GUNTALK® Radio, the original nationally-syndicated radio talk show about guns and the shooting sports.

Gene Hoffman, of The CalGuns Foundation, visits with Tom to discuss current gun laws, and those that specifically apply in California, including magazine limits, button bans, and beyond. Find out more about the work Hoffman and the foundation do every day by visiting their website -  

Also on this week to discuss training, the mindset an armed citizen needs while in public, and more, is Chris Cerino, of Cerino Training Group. Cerino is also the field host of GUNTALK Media's Guns & Gear and GUNTALK television shows. Find out more about training with Chris Cerino at

And just this week, Tom published another article in the Washington Times, this one titled "The Stopwatch of Death", (a concept introduced by trainer Ron Burch), discussing how quickly mass shootings occur, and how an armed citizen is the first line of defense in most situations. "The simple fact is that the police are not actually the first responders. They respond after the attack is reported. The people on the scene are the first responders. It is immoral and unconscionable to force the public to be victims of mass murder so that those in power can maintain a monopoly on force," concludes Gresham. Read his entire article here:   

It's also the last week enter to win with Colt's Manufacturing - The Grand Prize winner receives a model 01991 1911 pistol, plus the Fall Carry Days kit, which includes a Blade-Tech holster, an extra magazine, and a Colt baseball cap! Find out more at, and enter to win at

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