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11.5.15: Glocks, Gun Gack, and More - This Week on GUNTALK Radio

Mandeville, LA - It's a primer on church security, the latest from GLOCK, a new handloading guide, and more, this week on Tom Gresham's GUNTALK® Radio, the original nationally-syndicated radio talk show about guns and the shooting sports.

After attorney and private investigator Bill Kumpe was hired to put together a church security company for a client, he realized what an asset the information could be for others looking for the same thing. This led Kumpe to write Deadly Minutes Versus Precious Seconds: A Primer on Armed Church Security, available on Kindle. A how-to guide for churches considering an armed security team, with special emphasis on Oklahoma laws and statutes (where Krumpe is located), this guide is a must-have. Find out more when Kumpe stops by GUNTALK this week, and purchase his book at

Also on this Sunday, Glock's National Sales Manager, Bob Radecki, with information on the newest pistols, like the new Slimline Series! Find out more at

John Barsness, author of numerous hunting books, reloading and optics guides and more, including the quarterly Rifle Loony News, also stops by this week. Barsness' books are definitely not short on information, and his latest release - Big Book of Gun Gack: The Hunter's Guide to Handloading Smokeless Rifle Cartridges - continues the trend with more than 400 pages of handloading information and discussion. Find out more, and order your copy today, at

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