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10.30.15: In the News - This Week on GUNTALK Radio

Mandeville, LA - It's a restaurant owner's response after an armed robbery, lessons on avoiding situations before they become a problem, brand new holsters from a GUNTALK favorite, and more, this week on Tom Gresham's GUNTALK® Radio, the original nationally-syndicated radio talk show about guns and the shooting sports.

Art Bouvier, owner of Papa Roux Po-Boys and Cajun Eats in Indianapolis, is no stranger to the media. Making headlines is one thing his friends have come to count on from Bouvier, evident by the comments left on his combined person/business Facebook page after an armed robbery on Saturday night. Bouvier's response is one you've heard before, and he visits GUNTALK this week to discuss his reaction, and what's happened at Papa Roux since. Find out more, and visit Bouvier and his "kroux" at

Also stopping by this week, CEO of CP Journal, and co-author of Left of Bang: How the Marine Corps' Combat Hunter Program Can Save Your Life, Patrick Van Horne. A former Marine with two tours of duty in Iraq under his belt, Van Horne offers up lessons on behavioral analysis, and in his book, how to use that analysis to avoid certain situations. Find our more at, and purchase his book at     

CrossBreed Holsters' Matt Craighead pays Tom a visit with new product announcements, too! Find your new holster at And Sig Sauer's Tom Taylor drops by with info on how you can join the Sig Sauer Legion. Discover more at .      

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