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Truth Sqaud - October 2015

October 16, 2015



The GUNTALK Truth Squad has been busy. If you are new to the Truth Squad, just know that we challenge anti-gun lies (in the media, in person, or with politicians) as well as speaking up when we find a business who brands us as undesirables because we lawfully carry firearms for protection.

Case in point: A TS member recently found a "No Guns" sign at a Sam's Club in New Mexico. He and his wife were there for a visit, and to sign up for a membership. Once he saw the sign, though, he talked with the manager, who gave him conflicting answers. Kinda of a "Well, if you have a permit, it's probably okay ..." answer. Not good enough. Sam's Club is part of Walmart, and that company has said many times that its' policy is whatever the local and state laws allow. 

This is hardly the first time TS members have discovered a local manager putting up "No Guns" signs contrary to the policy of the nation headquarters. We've brought down many of them, just by contacting the manager, and if needed, corporate headquarters. The essence of the Truth Squad is that we don't just shrug it off. We challenge the lies and the infringements.

One chain which clearly doesn't get it is Waffle House. Even after a recent incident when a good guy with a gun stopped an ARMED robbery at the 24-hour eatery, the corporate weenies hold fast to their No Guns policy. I do miss the pecan waffle, but I take my dollars elsewhere. 


GunDealio™: What's with all the Permissions?


Tens of thousands have installed our free smartphone app, GunDealio, and they are saving a ton of money and getting extra stuff from the deals we find. BUT ... some, especially on the Android platform, have been spooked by the list of permissions they are asked to approve before GD installs. Not to worry. GunDealio needs you to allow it to use your location so it can alert you to the latest deals when you enter a gun store.  You save money, maybe get extra mags or other stuff, and we'll even let you know about special events in your area. But it doesn't mean we're poking around in your phone, etc. It's us. GUNTALK. Gun guys.

Don't let Google scare you away from getting hot deals. Just install it, and start saving!
(Click here to read exactly why we need certain permissions).

GunDealio™ is free. It's available for the iPhone and Android phones.


Democrat - The Party Of Gun Control

Not that anyone really needed to be reminded, but the first "debate" of the candidates hoping to be the nominee of the Democrat party turned out to be a showcase for their hatred of American gun owners and gun owner rights in general. They stampeded over each other to claim the title of Most Anti-Gun Candidate. The moderator at CNN-- Gloria Vanderbilt's son-- hammered home the point by forcing them into defensive positions, with the implication that, of course, anyone in his/her right mind would be pushing for even more gun control laws which don't work. 

Should any gun owner still harbor delusions that the Dems really aren't all that anti-gun, Hillary Clinton cleared that up when she was asked who her enemies are. Her first response wasn't ISIS, or Chinese hackers, or Russia. Nope. Top on her Enemies List was the NRA. Yep, Gun owners who band together to petition their government as provided in The Constitution.  You. Me. 

What's different about this? The pollsters, handlers, and advisors have told the candidates they no longer need to lie about their gun-banning fantasies. The public, they report, has been properly conditioned by the media to accept more gun control measures, despite a consistent record of failure. Crime is down, murders are down, crime with guns is down, but the media has convinced the public that the phony "epidemic of gun violence" continues to ravage the landscape. This willingness to come out from cover and reveal their true anti-rights agendas should concern the 99 percent of gun owners who do not commit crimes.


Hidden Danger - Giants Of The Web

Imagine you have a business on a busy road. The big sign on your business informs customers you are there, and tells them what products you sell or services you provide. One day, you arrive at work, only to find a huge panel blocking the view of your business, and the turn into your parking lot is blocked by a locked gate. The impact on your business would be devastating. 

That's happening to many businesses in the firearms industry, and even those who don't make or sell guns, as the giants of the web are cutting off access to millions of internet users.  Facebook, Twitter, and Google all have anti-gun policies, and they block advertising and shut down sites of those who not only sell guns lawfully, but of anyone deemed to be promoting the sale of guns. These are the super highways of the web, and their stated policies place guns in the same category as pornography. Companies which sell optics, and not guns, have had their Facebook pages summarily shut down, blocking them from the thousands of customers who have built a relationship with the companies though their FB pages. Facebook blocks ads ("pushes") about guns. Google blocks gun-related "ad words" used by marketers. 

Of course, this is not government censorship. It's not a First Amendment issue. The sheer size and domination of the web by these companies, however, allow them to impose their bigotry on the only class of Americans who can be discriminated against to the applause of one's fellow gun haters. 

I'm creating a Truth Squad project to document this discrimination and interference with free commerce. If you have experienced this kind of treatment from a web company, send us an email with the particulars



Shooting -- The Lifetime, Family Sport

Wanna see the joy of shooting competition with your family?

We show several families who make the Bianchi Cup a must-do event every year. I thought this episode was one our best, but I was blown away when champion shooter Rob Leatham said it is the best video on competitive shooting he's ever seen!  

Watch it with your family, on the Pursuit Channel this week (starting Monday, October 19th), or our channel on YouTube (

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