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What's with all the Permissions for GunDealio on Androids?

Some of you Android users have written in about GunDealio. You like the idea, but don't like all the permissions it asks you to allow.

I completely understand your hesitation - I was the same way as we were building the app. But in order to make the location marketing work - which is really cool - it's how the app had to be built.

The permissions seem intrusive, but I asked our development team to explain them before we launched, and it all has to happen in order for the app to work to its full capacity = you getting all the great deals!

On Google's OS, here are the reasons for the app to use the following permissions:

* *--Read phone status and identity* (Identity)
o For analytical tracking

* *--Modify or delete the contents of your SD card* (Photos/Media/Files)
* *--Read the contents of your SD card*
o The app needs to store content on the device, the SD card is
used for backup storage. It only handles content associated with
the app.

* *--Find accounts on the device * (Device ID)
* *--read Google service configuration*
o Accounts and Google services are needed for push notifications

_Device Access: _
* *--Full network Access*
* *--Receive data from the Internet *
o The app needs to send and receive data from the Internet to
fetch content, check geofences, etc.

* *--Retrieve running apps*
o To check whether the app is running or not and schedule updates
in the background.

* *--Prevent phone from sleeping*
o For podcasts to continue playing while the phone is put on standby

* *--Access extra location provider commands*
o Finer grained location tracking

There are some keys that are in our Core Application Framework that do request the use of Bluetooth in the backend.

*Comparing to Apple:*
Requested permissions:
* Push Notifications
* Location Tracking
* Background processing
These are only prompts for each permission when necessary. iOS does not provide a single page for all permissions. Most of the Android equivalents are assumed (e.g. Internet access), lumped into one (e.g. Location gathering / Push notifications) or non-existent (e.g. SD cards).


Hope that helps!


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