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10.2.15: Gun Champions and Gun Finishes - This week on GUNTALK Radio

Mandeville, LA - It's a gun rights champion, a shooting champion, winning ways to protect your guns, and more, this week on Tom Gresham's GUNTALK® Radio, the original nationally-syndicated radio talk show about guns and the shooting sports.

Dick Heller is a household name in the gun world, and he's back on GUNTALK this week with news on the latest battles in Washington, D.C. - including a victory over particular parts of the D.C. gun laws by the Heller Foundation, and a hearing in the 5th Circuit to review Hollis v. Lynch. For more information, visit

At last week's NRA World Championship in Glengary, West Virginia, (, more than 150 competitors competed in the three day event that encompassed 12 shooting disciplines. Professional competitive shooter Bruce Piatt took the title of "World Shooting Champion", and visits with Tom this Sunday to discuss the competition, upcoming training classes, and more. Find out more at

Brandon Grady, Cerakote's Division Manager, also stops by GUNTALK with info on the cool firearm finishes they offer - some through manufacturers, some by their trained applicators in local areas, and even some the customer can do on their own! Cerakote offers "custom finishes including high temperature, Gen II, clear ceramic, and dry film lubricant firearm coatings." Browse the gallery and find your new finish at

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