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Truth Sqaud - February 2015

February 2, 2015


Happy Groundhog Day!


Happy Groundhog Day!

Wait, did I say that already? Can't help it. I love the movie "Groundhog Day." Funny stuff. What is not funny, however, is the way the gun banners in and out of the government keep coming back, over and over, to the point where it seems that we are living the same day over and over. It's tiresome. It's time consuming. And that's what they count on. They want you to get tired, to go on to the rest of your life, and to just throw up your hands and say "What's the use?". If we do that, they win, because we quit fighting.

Consider Operation Choke Point -- perhaps the most insidious gun ban effort I've seen. That's the program by the federal government to shut down the credit, and even the bank accounts, of gun stores and other businesses in the firearms business. The Feds go to banks, and make noises about "some" accounts being a bit risky, or involved in questionable activities, making it clear that the bank will suffer massive government intrusion and oversight if it doesn't dump those accounts. The banks are not stupid, and they can't afford the losses associated with weeks of audits (threatened) or even fines, so they simply close the accounts of gun stores.

Now, the feds are upset that the banks are actually telling customers why their accounts are being closes (imagine!), and the feds are telling banks that they can not disclose to customers that they (the feds) are behind it with a massive plan to destroy the firearms industry. Read about it here


Concealed Carry 2 DVD is Out!

It's excellent, and you need it. No more needs to be said.

Order it at Check the site for discounted combo packages!



Great Firearms Tip from Tiger


We love working with Tiger McKee, director at Shootrite Firearms Academy. Here's a short piece he did on getting with a buddy, and coaching each other. Good info:

Tiger's excellent DVD on concealed carry and gun fighting (with any type of handgun) "Fighting With The 1911," goes into second printing this week.  If you don't have a copy, get yours (along with his superb book "The Book of Two Guns") at

 Bloomberg's Sherman-like March Through The States 

Having succeeded in hoodwinking Washington State voters into passing what was presented as a simple "background check" law, but what was really a massive gun ban, registration program, and criminalizing even handing a gun to a friend, former NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg's groups have targeted Nevada and Arizona for the same treatment. The plan is simple. They buy enough advertising to drown out any other voices. They spend mega millions on PR, schmoozing the press to get the media to parrot their lies, and to willfully disregard, ignore, or even lie about the opposition's messages.

Bloomberg plans to march from state to state, laying waste to the democratic process, and he and his billionaire cronies have the bucks to do it. Let's consider just how significant is the threat from a handful of these billionaires. Just to pull a few numbers, consider that Bloomberg and three of his buddies who contributed to the I-594 effort in Washington are worth more than 100 billion dollars. Much more, actually, but at that point, more doesn't really matter. That's $100,000,000,000. If they were to spend 50 million in each state race (and they don't need to spend nearly that much), that would be .05 percent of their net worth. That's five hundreds of one percent. By comparison, if your net worth is $500,000, to spend that same percentage, it would cost you only $250. They'll never even feel it.

The main point, though, is that a $50 million ad buy in most states would suck up almost all the available air time, print space, and billboards available. It could buy robo calls by the millions. It could, and it does, move public opinion. What is right, or accurate, or even true, actually is immaterial.

So, what can trump this? You. One on one. Word of mouth.  Standing up. Speaking out. Going in front of groups. Writing letters to the editor. Challenging false "news" reports (and embarrassing the reporters for their bias). Please make no mistake here. Don't think "Well, the NRA will handle this." The NRA doesn't have that kind of money. No one does. This is the most serious threat to gun rights I've seen in 50 years of watching this fight. Unless some billionaire steps forward to counter these dollars with gun rights buys, we will be crushed in the public messaging. We can, and we must, get involved. Each of you. Each of us. Every single one. Make the commitment. 

First step is to get informed. Nothing is worse than to use your opportunity to talk to someone, and get the information wrong.  Once they realize that you are wrong, your opportunity turns around, and they will tend to go the other way.  Get your facts right! Choose your sources carefully. It may surprise you to learn that not every email you get on this will be completely accurate. Hmmm. Don't forward emails without verifying that their info is accurate. 

How do you know what's accurate? Sift through the info from the Second Amendment Foundation, the NRA, and other gun rights groups. Mostly, get very involved in your state gun rights groups.  All of them. But, understand that some state gun rights groups are... shall we say... worse than ineffective. They actually help gun banners with their goofy antics. You're known by your associates.

Second step: Be a force multiplier. Once you commit to daily action, bring in someone else, then another. You become three, then four. Each of them commits to bringing in others. Not just to vote, but others who will actively speak out, write letters, go to meetings.

"Yeah, but that's just not my style. I'm not the kind of person who does that."

Well, if that's your thought, then get ready to be the kind of person who can be charged with a felony for simply handing a gun to a friend. That's actually the law in Washington State after I-594 was passed in a statewide election driven by Bloombucks. 

One last item. Now, the Bloombucks groups are saying that I-594 won't really reduce crime (really?), and that they need to go farther in Washington. This is their pattern, and I've watched it for decades. They proclaim that a given measure is the answer to crime. Once it is passed, they immediately say, "Well, of course, the criminals will not obey this law (HEY! That's what we said.), so we need an even more Draconian law (which will also not impact criminals)." 

This one is actually simple. You fight this, or you lose. No one is coming to your aid.


First Person Defender -- SEASON TWO!!

Finally! Wow, it's a lot of work to produce the First Person Defender series, but Season Two is now up on our YouTube Channel: We take a volunteer and put him, her, or them, into a simulated self-defense situation, using Simunition ammunition and firearms. The do well, or screw up, but they get the AHA moment when it all comes together. We tailor the scenario to the person. Someone with little experience gets one challenge, while a police officer will face a tougher task. 

We always learn from these, even when just watching. One thing we learn is that many people have not "gone there" mentally, so when the attack happens (even though they know something is coming), they react slowly, or badly, or not at all. It really shows the value of pre-visualization -- sitting in your easy chair at home and doing the "what if" planning. Over and over. This especially is valuable if you keep thinking "and if that doesn't work, what will I do then?"

We shoot FPD with six to nine cameras. It's a major production with a large crew. Frankly, it costs a lot of money to put together, including months of editing. We can do it only through the support of our sponsors. We include their products in the scenarios and the range sessions, and we include short (15-second) commercials. A note to these companies to thank them would be appreciated.



Great Video With Gun Facts

The gun-ban lobby must hate it when we actually get out the facts, with the sources. Here's a short video ( you'll want to bookmark. THIS is one you can forward to all your friends. LEARN the info in it.

Great reference material. Homicide rates versus gun ownership. 

It's great material when having "the talk" with friends about the so-called "universal background check" which does nothing for safety, and is actually a form of registration. Note that even now, in New York state, the gun registration roles are being used to confiscate guns. Confiscation is impossible without registration.


The new Gun Talk Pistol is Announced!

It has been a long time coming. I have been talking with Sig Sauer for three years about this project. To see the new GT20 pistol, go to Named GT20 to commemorate 20 years of Gun Talk Radio being on the air. It's a P220 pistol in 10mm. All steel, five-inch barrel, ambi safety, fiber optic front sight and adjustable rear sight. Shoots sweet!  I planned this one as a hog hunter, but you can do almost anything with it.

Oh, did I mention that it's a single-action only model, with a wonderful trigger pull?

It's a limited run. The orders will stop when we hit 1,000, or on April 1. Whichever comes first. Each gun will have "1 of 1,000" on the frame. No, there will not be special serial numbers. Last time that was a bit of a mess, with people wanting certain numbers, etc. 

Price is $1,399. Details at Durys Guns web site.


Gun Talk Welcomes Boston


Massachusetts is full of gun owners who continue to fight for gun rights. I'm proud to lend my voice to those who preserve the traditional of freedom in Boston and the entire area.

WRKO 680 AM airs Gun Talk on Sunday nights from 8:00 PM to 10:00 PM Eastern. At 50,000 watts, WRKO AM reaches a half-dozen states. Find out more about “Boston’s Talk Station” at


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