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1.2.15: I-594 Lawsuit, Gun Safety, Training - This Week on Gun Talk Radio

Mandeville, LA - With every new year comes the resolve to become the best gun owner one can be - in terms of mindset, safety, outreach and training. Tom will touch on all of those subjects, plus the latest lawsuit in Washington State, this week on Tom Gresham's Gun Talk® Radio, the original nationally-syndicated radio talk show about guns and the shooting sports.

Second Amendment Foundation's Alan Gottlieb visits with Tom on Sunday to discuss the latest legal battle that SAF is fighting - this one is all about the 18-pages of gun control laws called "Initiative 594", or I-594 for short. SAF is seeking an injunction on portions of the initiative. Read more here:, and here:

Shootrite Firearms Academy's Founder Tiger McKee has got some great training tips and safety tips to start 2015 off right. He also offers many different classes, from handguns to long guns, defensive techniques to holster techniques. Find out more at You can also train with Tiger in your own home, with a copy of Gun Talk's DVD, Fighting with the 1911 with Tiger Mckee, available at Shop Gun Talk:

Tom will also be talking with and CCRKBA member Dave Workman, discussing the most important aspects of gun ownership and safety that every gun owner needs to follow, to avoid tragic accidents, like the most recent accidental shooting in Hayden, Idaho when a toddler accessed a mother's purse and gun. Workman notes that the difference in response from the gun control side and the gun owner side here:

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