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9.5.14: NRA... The Rest of the Story - This Week on Gun Talk Radio

Mandeville, LA - It's a new book about the National Rifle Association, an update from New Jersey, safety training for kids in action, and more, this week on Tom Gresham's Gun Talk® Radio, the original nationally-syndicated radio talk show about guns and the shooting sports.

Shooting Sports USA Managing Editor Chip Lohman ( visits Gun Talk this week to discuss his recently released book filled with information about the National Rifle Association. Not only does the book include info on their Competitive Shooting Division, Education and Training Division, Eddie Eagle GunSafe ® Program and the National Firearm Museum, but also clears up a few misconceptions that have grown over the years. Lohman's goal is to get the book in hands of all gun owners, in the hopes that they'll pass the book on to the non-gun owning friends: "We often turn to our friends for the best advice. The idea of this little $8 book is to use that to advantage, and to ask shooting sports enthusiasts to pass the book along for others to read, especially those who may be on the fence about firearms" said Lohman. His book, NRA... The Rest of the Story: Getting Past the Perception, is available at

This week's American Rifleman blog posted a story about a young man, Isaac Rathner, and his friends, who found a gun. Isaac's father, Todd Rathner (with Knife Rights (, visits with Tom to discuss the gun safety rules that he taught his son. Read more here:

Also on this Sunday, New Jersey 2nd Amendment Society's Frank Fiamingo, with updates on Pennsylvania mother Shaneen Allen's case and fundraiser. Find out more here:

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