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6.25.14 - Truth Squad: June 2014

June 25, 2014


Finally: New Newsletter, New Seasons

First off, my apology for it taking this long to get out this Truth Squad newsletter. No excuse. Just been so busy I haven't done it. We're in the middle of the crazy time for television production, shipping two episodes of TV a week right now. Insane!

The good news is that our two shows -- Guns & Gear TV and Gun Talk Television -- start airing new episodes this Monday, June 30th, on Pursuit Channel ( We have hog hunting at night (using night vision and thermal sights), an exploration of ballistic myths (many from the web), a rundown of old guns and how they are similar to what we shoot today, and many more topics.

Just last week we covered the MGM Ironman, an insane 3-gun competition where success is measured by not needing an ambulance! Hot, dry, and dusty in Parma, Idaho. Shots ranged from four feet to almost 900 yards. Every stage is shot with rifle, handgun, and shotgun, and sometimes an additional (long range) rifle. Not uncommon to need 200 rounds and a loaner gun on a stage. Super shooters with a great mindset of helping each other. This is going to be a great show!

We also are about to start shooting the next season of First Person Defender, our digital (online) series which puts people into realistic self-defense scenarios. We already have reports of this series saving people. Watch it with your family. Click here to see it on YouTube.

By the way, if you would like to come down to Louisiana to be in one of the FPD episodes, shoot an email to us at No promises, but we're looking for a few people. (NOTE: If interested, include in the email a brief intro, any classes or training you've had (none needed), which types of firearms you are familiar with, and a picture. Important - There will be no expenses covered, and this is not a training class by any means).



The Truth Comes Out ... Again

Every time the gun banners think public opinion is swinging their way, they tend to drop the lies which typically camouflages their real intentions. They often say "We don't want to ban guns. We just want to know who has them." Or, "Of course we support the Second Amendment, but that doesn't mean there shouldn't be reasonable restrictions." 

The Violence Policy Center is a tiny group that really knows how to work the media through "white papers" on guns. Of course, the papers and "research" they do are junk, but the media laps up that stuff. Still, even though it has pushed for more gun control, VPC -- like many other gun-ban groups -- has publicly maintained that they want to ban only what they can paint as evil guns ("assault weapons"). Well, that is, except for the time I was able to get Tom Diaz from VPC to say, on Gun Talk Radio, that his ideal would be to ban ALL gun ownership, including the police. 

At any rate, given the bogus stat that the media parrots about 90 percent of the public wanting background checks, and no doubt bolstered by their anti-rights friends telling them that "everyone" now wants stronger gun control laws, the VPC has changed its position. Now it is calling for the banning of all semi-auto firearms with detachable magazines, and all handguns.

Nothing new, but it's good to remind yourself that when any gun-control group says "We don't want to take your guns away," they really mean they don't think they can get away with it, yet, but they'll take all they can get, and then come back for more.



Dressing like a "Good Person" while Open Carrying

I got an email from a listener who really took exception to my idea that if you want to affect public opinion about open carry, you should "dress good." That is, dress in a way that doesn't cause people to form negative opinions.

Here's part of his email to me:

"Tell me again what a Good Person looks like. Are you and your guests Good People? After all I just cannot see you through the radio or podcast.

"That was the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard in my life.  It sounded like some Liberal / Democrat / Progressive / Communist Leftwing radio station that I was listening to."

My response:

"It's all about context.

Open carry demonstrations are performances. Nothing less. They are done to elicit a response. They are, in effect, public relations "stunts." I don't use the word stunts in a negative way. The idea is to move public opinion.

Therefore, as with any public relations effort, or any performance, attention to details can make or break the performance.  

If you want the public to come away with the impression that good people carry guns openly (a good goal, by the way), it's worthwhile, I think, to make sure that the performers appear (in behavior, in build, in dress, etc.) in such a way that they are viewed favorably.

In the context of a performance, I submit that wearing ragged military-looking clothes, wearing nasty T-shirts, and (unfortunately) selecting (or not selecting, actually) performers who are 150 pounds overweight, wearing boonie caps, does not work toward the desired result. If you were the casting director for this performance, is this who you would choose? Is this how you would dress them?

It actually has nothing to do with whether a person is good or not. It is all about playing to the prejudices, perceptions, and biases of the public. In sales, and in politics, perception really is reality. If the public perceives open carry activists to be slobs, or goofballs, or homeless, or nut jobs -- based on how they look -- then we have failed at the public relations effort. If, however, they see well-dressed (slacks or jeans and tucked-in polo shirts??) men, the reaction, and the perception, is different.

We can shout to the heavens that it should not be this way, and when we are done, things will still be the same.

Perception really is reality. The job is to change perception. If you don't understand how you are being perceived, you have no business being involved in public relations. Open carry demonstrations are, in fact, public relations performances.

Hope that helps explain what I was talking about."


Gun Rights Policy Conference - September, in Chicago

I'll be at the GRPC this year. It's going to be right outside of Chicago as a way to celebrate Illinois becoming the last state to remove a total ban on concealed carry. If it also serves to spit in the eye of Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel, then that's just a bonus.

GRPC is free. Yes, free. It's fantastic. If you ever wanted to get more involved in gun rights, this is the place to charge your batteries, get tons of info, make contacts that can help, and have a great time! You can get more details at or here.

See you there!


Gun Talk Giveaways!

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We'll also have a new giveaway starting on July 6th...
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