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Truth Squad Newsletter - September 2013


Thank You, Truth Squad Members

First off, a huge Gun Talk Attaboy and a range bag full of thanks to all the members of the Gun Talk Truth Squad. You've been sending me copies of the letters you have sent to the media, to stores which post "no guns" signs, and to elected officials. We have a lot of successes out there due to your refusal to just shrug and think that there's nothing you can do.

Reminder: The "No Shrug" policy means just that. We always respond -- politely -- to misinformation, to a biased story, to corporate or official policies which block gun owners. We don't win them all, but we win many of those encounters, and when we don't win, it just means that we haven't won YET.

The motto of the Truth Squad is "No Lie Left Unchallenged." That comes from the reality that a lie that's left unchallenged becomes the truth.

Well done!!


These Videos Could Save Your Life

We just posted four more episodes of First Person Defender on our YouTube channel. This series puts an everyday person into real-world survival situations, grades his or her response, trains him at the range, then dumps her back into the scenario to see what was learned. It's intense and exciting, and it's already saving people.

One viewer got his wife to watch the series. She had a carry permit, but didn't carry. After watching the FPD videos, she started carrying. One day, while their four children were playing in their yard and his wife was doing yard work, a 65-pound male pit bull began chasing and biting at their daughter. The mother pulled her Glock and killed the attacking dog right there.

Watch the videos, then share them with your family. Once they see what can happen, and just how quickly things can go from just fine to very bad, they will at least ramp up their situational awareness.

Oh, if you have a carry permit and don't carry, it's time to review the case of Suzanna Hupp.


Win a Liberty Safe Gun Safe!

Liberty Safe is giving away a Colonial 23-cubic foot safe, and you could be the winner! Just go to to enter for a chance to win. If you have signed up for other giveaways, you have to go back and enter again. Liberty Safe is also giving away 10 baseball hats with lighted rims each week, and everyone will get a discount offer at the end of the giveaway. The giveaway ends on October 4th, so sign up today!


I'll Take My Guns Decaf

Lots of reaction to last week's show where we talked about the Starbucks CEO letter requesting that customers not bring in guns. This was a reaction to (among other things) the Starbucks "Appreciation Days" where come people open carried into the stores. Most wore their handguns, but some brought in AR-15s and shotguns. Naturally, this frightened the customers and the employees.

Many people made note of the part of the letter which said this was not a ban -- just a request. Three schools of thought emerged on this. 1. They don't want us, so I'll not go there. 2. He didn't ban guns, so I'll carry there concealed. and 3. It's not banned, so I'll carry openly if I want to.

I've carried openly. It's not my preferred method because I think it is tactically inferior to concealed carry, but I don't have a problem with it. It's the staged event that eventually forces the kind of massive PR hit we took last week that leaves me shaking my head. Make no mistake about it. This was a big loss for us. This story was in ever major newspaper and on every news channel. For the public, the message was that the company they love has (effectively) banned gun owners. More marginalization of gun owners.

Starbucks did not want to take sides. They took a neutral position -- whatever is legal in the state is okay here. We had it won. But, we couldn't leave well enough alone.

Honestly, I don't care if you carry openly or want to carry your rifle or shotgun. When you force it on a company which doesn't want to be part of the fight, though, you push them away.

You know what I really want? I want to win. I want to win the public relations battle. I know that public opinion is what makes laws. Enough public opinion can repeal Constitutional amendments. As Gene Hoffman pointed out Sunday, it's about messaging. These days, you win or you lose on the messaging, and this time we lost.

Was what the long gun open carry folks did wrong? Not really, but it was self-centered and harmful to gun rights in my opinion. Not everyone agrees, of course.

I don't go to Starbucks, anyway. I certainly will not go now.

If we are smart, we'll learn from this, and we won't repeat this mistake.


Let's Make Failed Local Laws... National?


In the wake of the Navy Yard shooting, where a completely gun-free zone and total gun control reign, President Obama says we need to duplicate that environment and make it apply nationally. As usual, not one "reporter" for the national media asked the obvious question: "Mr. President, since there is a total gun prohibition at the Navy Yard, and that did not stop the shooter, what evidence do you have that adding additional restrictions to gun rights will stop criminals?"

I didn't hear that come out of any of our news repeaters.

At first, the newsies said the shooter had an AR-15, then they said he had an AR-15 and a handgun, and then they said he had an AR-15 and a handgun and a shotgun. The New York Daily News proclaimed in a banner headline "Same Gun, Different Slay " to draw together the Washington, DC, shooting with the Newtown murders.

That narrative fell apart when it was finally discovered (no need to wait for facts before putting out your agenda as news) that the shooter used a pump shotgun.

Meanwhile, what turned out to be a gang shooting in Chicago wounded 13 people in a park. Naturally, the police have made a big deal out of this being a semi-auto rifle -- an "assault style" weapon. Ya see, it's really the style we are upset with.

Does no one in Chicago understand that this rifle actually is banned there? Or, that it doesn't really matter what the "style" of the gun is, as seen at the Navy Yard? A murderer will use whatever he can, and he doesn't care about your gun laws -- or any laws!

Want to stop shooters and save lives? Make sure that those who want to carry guns can. Here's a man who saved a police officer under fire.

Another recent example is one man with a handgun who saved 100 lives in the terrorist attack at the Nairobi mall.

Keep sharing those stories with your friends and the media. Once a week, grab one of the self-defense news stories compiled by Keep and Bear Arms at Operation Self Defense. Send these to all your local media to remind them that good people with guns stop crime all the time. Post the links into comments on online stories. We are enough people that we can put this up a million times. Now, THAT is a way of moving public opinion and negating the media.

No lie left unchallenged!


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Keep your situational awareness. Be safe.

Tom Gresham

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