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Truth Squad Newsletter - June 2013


SUCCESS! Nevada Governor Vetoes Bloomberg's Bill

Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval has vetoed the bill pushed by Michael Bloomberg's group, which I call Illegal Mayors Against Guns. SB221 was passed by the legislature, and as it awaited the Governor's action, gun owners from around the country hammered his office with calls, asking him to turn down this "expanded background check" restriction on Second Amendment rights.

In his veto, the Governor said:

"The sections of SB 221 requiring mandatory background checks on private sales place an unreasonable burden on law-abiding citizens with the potential to make them criminals. It would be unenforceable by law enforcement. It is our opinion this bill would do little to keep firearms out of the hands of criminals."

He put a fine point to his comments with this:

"Senate Bill 221, while laudable in its efforts to strengthen reporting requirements concerning mentally ill persons, imposes unreasonable burdens and harsh penalties upon law-abiding Nevadans, while doing little to prevent criminals from unlawfully obtaining firearms."

Here's a huge ATTABOY to the entire Gun Talk Truth Squad. I know many of you called the Governor's office. It clearly had an effect.

How do we win these battles? First, we have to show up.


Win the New XD-S 9mm!

Don't forget to go to and enter our giveaway. This month, it's the new Springfield Armory XD-S in 9mm. One gun will be given away, and there are also a lot of prize packages which go out every week!


Playing Checkers at the Chess Board

I just got off the phone with a leader of a national "gun rights" group, and it was a conversation that left me shaking my head. No, I'm not going to give them any publicity here by listing the name, but you've probably gotten emails from them. For decades I've talked about people getting into the legislation game with the experience of a checkers player, and not understanding the game is actually 3D chess. The moves are complex, sometimes subtle, and while it's easy and quick to make enemies, it takes more work and more time to build friends and garner long-term support.

Sometimes, for example, you have to let legislators and Congress-folk who are with you vote against you if you already have the measure in question won. It's a sophisticated way of helping "your" politicians increase a base to help with the next election. 

Sitting in the middle of the country and thinking that you are a player in D.C. is the height of hubris and naiveté -- a combo guaranteed to produce no results beyond a heightened sense of self-importance.

Choose wisely when directing your gun rights donations. Look at track records. What legislation have they passed? What court cases have they won? 

With more and more people buying guns, and with increasing numbers of people wanting to support gun rights, there's money to be made in this arena. I don't begrudge someone trying to make a living. Would it be too demanding to ask of any group that wants your money that they offer more than just "we're not the NRA"?


New Gun Talk Videos on YouTube

Check out the new videos on our YouTube channel. The series we did with Leupold has a ton of seriously "gun geek" info as well as useful tips to make you a better shooter. You'll also see example of the slow-motion video we are getting with our new, high frame rate camera. Guns look great in slo-mo! This is just a taste of what you'll be seeing in this season's Gun Talk Television and Guns & Gear TV series. Those shows begin airing on the Pursuit Channel in July, and will be running on the Sportsman Channel in January.



George Zimmerman Trial -- A Teachable Moment

As the nation's media breathlessly "reports" on the George Zimmerman trial in Florida, getting almost everything wrong as it relates to self defense with firearms, I suggest that this is an opportunity to review what you know, what you believe, and how you behave with regards to carrying a firearm for personal protection.

I put together some thoughts on this in a podcast this week. You can download it here:

Bottom line is what we have discussed many times. You can do pretty much everything right, and still end up in a life-changing legal mess. Still, it's better than letting someone kill you or your family members. Serious stuff. I hope you think it's worth a few minutes to listen to my thoughts on this.


Don't Do THAT!

Ahhhh . . . How do I say this without coming across as a jerk. Simply put -- don't do stupid stuff! Don't be a ballistic experimenter because you want to save a couple of dollars. 

This morning I got an email asking about filing off the tips off full-metal jacket bullets to turn them into expanding hunting bullets. Really?

First off, Yes, I'm aware that many people have done this. You also can run across a busy street with your eyes closed. It works, until it doesn't.

As a way to save 20 to 30 dollars (approximate average cost of a box of 20 hunting rounds), this system does not result in a bullet that will reliably expand when it hits a game animal. Chances are it will not. So, you get no benefit. 

You don't know how this bullet will fly through the air. If the bullet has a steel core (and some do), it still may not be legal for hunting big game (state regulations apply). If you are talking personal protection, I would just shoot the FMJs. We already have established, by test, that they don't go boring through a dozen walls and then seek out the neighborhood kindergarten. When I tested .223 FMJs, we could not get them to penetrate a third wall of sheet rock. 

FMJs are cheap and available (okay, okay, you can apply whatever sliding scale and cuss words you want to the current ammo situation), and are fine for practice. If you want to hunt deer or other game animals, you owe them the best performance you can deliver. That means you need to buy a box of good hunting ammo.

Over a 50-year span of reloading and tinkering with guns, I've done a few of the stupid things. I've been lucky. No serious mishaps. Having heard from a lot of people, though, I know how bad it can be when you wander off the reservation of established practices and data. This goes for cooking up your own load data as well as stuff like "ringing" a shotgun shell to make it fire like a slug. Everything is great, until it's not.

Hold your hand in front of your face and pick two fingers you can do without. Get it?


This Is Our "New Normal"

Five years ago I was telling gun makers that this surge in gun buying was not a bubble, but was the new normal. The history of spikes in gun sales, followed by sharp drop-offs, understandably frightened them away from making big investments to increase production. One ammo maker told me that the last time there was a spike, they cranked up production, and when the bubble burst, it happened almost overnight, and this company was left with months of production in the warehouse and almost had to give it away. (Sure wish I could buy it now at those prices!).

Yes, those of us who are into guns are buying more guns and buying more ammo. But, the really important factor is new shooters. Handgun makers tell us that about a third of their warranty registration cards indicate the guns were purchased by first-time gun owners. This means that the number of gun owners has grown by millions recently. These folks are buying more guns, more ammo, more accessories, and they are potentially (but not automatically) a new force for gun rights.

The gun and ammo companies now get it. Sig Sauer is doubling the square footage of its production facility. Ruger is shopping for a site to build a new factory. This is in addition to their other factories. I'm told that Remington is pumping 30-plus million dollars into its Loanoke, AR, ammo plant.  

In chaos is opportunity. The "chaos" of gun and ammo buying, and the new people buying guns, means opportunity in building our gun rights supporters. It carries the promise of more business for local gun stores. Shooting ranges are booked solid. Hmmm. Maybe an opportunity to add to the ranges, or build more ranges. If there is no good range in your area, perhaps a smart business person needs to build one. There are a lot of empty stores around which could be converted into nice indoor ranges.

Millions of new handgun owners need training. Concealed carry instructors everywhere tell me they are booked out for months. There's opportunity there, but also in getting some of those folks into real training. (You know that most concealed carry classes are definitely NOT training.) This would seem to be a great time to become an NRA certified instructor.

For anyone with an entrepreneurial bent, these are great times in the firearms industry.


Speaking of Training  -- Do Yours At Home

I have to mention this. Not everyone can go to a five-day class. I get it. The basic problem is that you don't know all the areas there are to learn.That is, you don't know what you don't know. We've got you covered.

We have two really good training DVDs at Concealed Carry One and Fighting with the 1911 are just what you need if you have a handgun for personal protection, and especially if you carry a gun. Yes, no matter what brand or style pistol you carry, you'll benefit from the 1911 training, too. 

Consider this. If you pick up only one piece of information from these DVDs that saves your life or keeps you out of jail (think George Zimmerman), this would be the best money you ever spent. I know you'll pick up dozens of "I didn't know that" jewels. It's a small commitment. But you do have to take action.


Gun Talk Radio -- Archived for All Time!

Well, it's archived for now, at least. You're busy. You can't always catch Gun Talk Radio live when I'm blabbing, I mean delivering important information, on the air. Not a problem.

We archive all the shows so you can listen whenever you want. Call it a podcast, an archive, or your personal DVR for radio, it's how you "time shift" for your own convenience. Go back years and see what we were talking about. Find the guests you want to hear. The archives are at


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