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Truth Squad Newsletter - Election 2012



If you are reading this, you are a member of the Gun Talk Truth Squad. We don't just shrug and say "Well, that's the way it is." We leave no lie unchallenged. Well, Partner, it's time to saddle up.

As you read this, there are only a few days to go before the November 6 election day, when our country will decide whether to renew the employment contract for President Obama. This is a performance review -- plain and simple.

The public tires of hearing "this is the most important election in history" over and over, every four years. While I've had strong opinions on elections, there have been those where I thought one candidate was better than the others, but that we wouldn't suffer much either way.

Then, there have been a couple of times when the hair on the back of my neck stands up in the same way is does when I'm about to step on a snake, or I'm on a rotten patch of ice and have to back away. 

The first time was when I saw Bill Clinton on television. No one knew who this Arkansas governor was, but as I watched him talking, I turned to my wife and said, "This guy scares me. He makes me feel like I'm in a room of snakes." I wasn't sure why. He wasn't talking about guns. It was just something about him. Of course, he went on to be impeached, disgraced the office of the President, and put in a national ban on many types of firearms alongside a magazine capacity limit. 

I had that same feeling about Barack Obama. The first time I heard him speak I knew he was a professional liar. Once I looked into his background and found a long line of speaking against gun ownership of any kind, and voting to ban handgun ownership, I didn't need any more information. I knew he was dangerous.

The only thing that kept him in check was knowing he had to run for reelection. Once that restriction is lifted, he will be free to impose his view of "the world will be better without guns" nonsense he has embraced. Don't think that he has to go through Congress for this.

In his first term he used executive orders to put restrictions on gun dealers in states bordering Mexico; his State Department blocked the importation of tens of thousands of surplus rifles, saying they didn't want them to "fall into the wrong hands" (though every purchase would be reviewed by the FBI); his Secretary of State changed the U.S. policy on the proposed U.N. treaty which would restrict gun ownership, transfer and sales -- from opposing these restrictions to approving of them; and let's not forget that his Attorney General was found in contempt of Congress in the gun-running debacle called Fast and Furious, but Obama offered Eric Holder the shield of White House executive privilege. And all this was while he was having to be careful!

Imagine what is in store once the specter of reelection is removed.

No need to imagine. He tipped his hand in the second debate when he not only called for the return of the Clinton Gun Ban (aka, the "assault weapon" ban), but also took a jab at "cheap handguns," which brings back the memory of the gun banners' efforts to confiscate "Saturday Night Specials" (a term that can be expanded to include all handguns) and any other category of guns they could include.

Barack Obama is a gun banner. But it's even worse.

He has placed two rabidly anti-gun justices on the Supreme Court. If he is reelected, he will get to put two to four more on, which will move the court away from its decisions in the Heller and McDonald cases, and will have the court support Obama's position that no one in this country has a right to own a gun under the Second Amendment. Yes, that's what he said. The Second Amendment, according to this law professor, says that the government (National Guard) can have guns, but there is no individual right to firearms. That's the Supreme Court Obama is currently building.

If you can vote early, please do that. But make sure you vote, and offer to take friends and neighbors to the polls.

I really try not to use hyperbole and scare tactics, but in this case, I'm scared. No fooling -- this one really is for all the marbles.


Next Sunday, November 4th, my Gun Talk radio show is all about the 2012 Election, where I'll discuss what’s at stake this November 6th with Alan Gottlieb from the Second Amendment Foundation, Wayne LaPierre and Chris Cox from the NRA, Gene Hoffman from CalGuns, and more. Tune in!



Last week on Gun Talk Radio I talked with Pete Brownell, president of Brownells, and Ken Jorgensen from Ruger. Both said that production is up on guns and ammunition. Pete reported that Lake City (think Federal ammo) is in full swing, and he's able to get a lot more ammo than before. By the way, Brownells sells ammo at good prices.

Ken reported that Ruger has greatly increased its production. Of course, demand continues to grow, so you might not find everything you need at the dealer, but the waits aren't as long. This goes for most gun companies. They have ramped up production and are turning out more guns than ever. If you haven't gotten into the world of AR-15s yet, now is the time. If you have wondered why many of us wax poetic about the 1911 pistol, just get one and find out.

Will there be a surge in buying around Election Day? Maybe, but I don't think it will be huge. No matter who wins the election, gun and ammo sales will continue to climb. I do have a belief, though, that if you want a gun or ammo or magazines, or... you better get it. Now. It can sure be disappointing to plan to get that "next year" and find out that something has been dropped from the line, or there is a new shortage for whatever reason.



Leupold's Pat Mundy was on Gun Talk Radio last week to talk scopes and to announce the latest Gun Talk Giveaway - A Leupold® Mark 4® MR/T® 2.5-8x36mm (30mm) M1 riflescope!

Sign up to win at The Grand Prize winner will be drawn on Friday, November 16th. Each week, five First Place winners will receive a Leupold ball cap. Enter today!




It's not too early to build your wish list for the Holidays. I'll have my full list for you in about a month, but here are a few suggestions to get you started.

A signed book is always appreciated. We are closing out the last copies we have of Weatherby: The Man, The Gun, The Legend. I wrote this book with my father, Grits, and I’ve signed them.  Also, you definitely want a copy of "Close Calls," a collection of true stories about brushes with death in the outdoors. Ugly cover, but good stories. I loved writing that one. And of course, a signed copy of Grits on Guns. These books and more are available at our Gun Talk Store -  

Eye and ear protection for everyone! A package of foam ear plugs for each shooter on your list, and electronic ear muffs for the folks you really care about. Naturally, good shooting glasses. Brownells has all these.

A starter kit to get you into reloading. For metallic reloading (rifle and handgun cartridges), you can't beat Sinclair International for a source. For loading shotguns, the standard has always been MEC Reloaders. Reloading is a great hobby, and when you reload, you shoot more!

An AR-15 kit. Yep, build your own AR-15. It really isn't that hard. Hey, I know people who do this, and if they can, you can! ;) Brownells even has an AR-15 builder website.

Training. Make 2013 the year you actually do this instead of saying "one of these days." Good training will make you a better shot. Good self-defense training can change your life.

DVDs on instruction. Watch this space. We'll have news for you soon.

Leather. Yes, Kydex is new, slick, cheaper, etc. But, there's just something wonderful about quality products made of leather. Holster, mag pouch, belt. Leather wears well, it breaks in beautifully, and it smells great! Get some good leather.

NRA Memberships. Use my link for $10 off each membership. 

Apps for your smart phone. From apps which make sounds like various guns to serious ballistic programs and shot timers, shooters can "have an app for that." I'm building a list of good apps for shooters, and I need your help. Shoot me an email with your favorite gun/shooting/reloading/ballistic apps to and put APPS in the subject line. I'll share the list next month.






A BUG, or Backup Gun, is designed to be put into use when your primary defense gun goes down, runs empty, or you lose it. A BUG usually is small and light. Think in terms of a small revolver or the even smaller autoloaders from many companies. Yes, many people I know carry two guns at all times. But, there's another use for a BUG. Sometimes you just can't carry a big gun because of the clothing requirements. Then, your BUG becomes your primary defense gun. Ankle holster, belly band, Smart Carry, pocket carry -- figure a way to carry your BUG, practice with it, and you'll have that good feeling that you do, in fact, have a backup plan.


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