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Inside Black Hills Ammunition - Next Week on Gun Talk Television

Mandeville, LA - This week on Gun Talk Television, Tom Gresham heads to South Dakota to visit with Jeff Hoffman, President of Black Hills Ammunition. While there, Tom takes a tour of the factory, heads out to test rifles and ammo at long range distances, and examines the results of both ballistic gelatin and glass-penetration testing.

Colt’s Michael Guerra joins Tom and Jeff at the range for some long range shooting with Colt Competition’s new rifle - the Colt Pro CRP-18, and the Ruger Scout Rifle. Jeff even has a chance to shoot at a live target down range – the Musca domestica, more commonly known as the house fly.

Gun Talk Television can be seen on NBC Sports Network, Pursuit Chanel, and Wild TV, on the video website GunTalk.TV ( and the GunTalkTV YouTube Channel. Click on the link below for a sneak peek on YouTube:

Inside Blacks Hills Ammunition - Part 1:

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