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Long Range Hunting - Next Week on Gun Talk Television

Mandeville, LA – Long range shooting is a test of both equipment and of shooting skills – especially for hunters. Next week on Gun Talk Television, Tom Gresham visits the FTW Ranch in Texas for the ultimate hunter training program, as the Ruger American Rifle is put to the test.

Located in Barksdale, TX, the FTW Ranch offers training in an all-weather, all-terrain environment spread out over 12,000 acres. It is the perfect location to try out the Ruger American Rifle - Ruger’s 100% American Made hunting rifle, featuring an adjustable trigger and rotary magazine, available in both short-and long-action calibers.

Gun Talk Television airs on four different networks: NBC Sports, The Pursuit Chanel, the Sportsman Channel and Wild TV, and can also be seen on video website GunTalk.TV ( and on the GunTalkTV YouTube Channel. Click on the links below to watch this episode on YouTube:

Long Range Hunting - Part 1:
Long Range Hunting - Part 2:
Long Range Hunting - Part 3:
Long Range Hunting - Part 4:

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